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Jun 28, 2007 08:22 PM

Good food in San Clemente?

Moving to San Clemente... anyone have any favorite restaurants there??

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  1. There are a few good choices.

    For upscale (and excellent), I'd reccomend Vine on El Camino Real or White Horses down on the beach.

    For casual seafood go down to the Fishermans on the pier. You can also choose to go to Beachfire or El Ranchito on Pico or Gordon James also on El Camino Real.

    For Pizza, Sonny's Pizza

    Plenty of good mexican places and breakfast cafe's that are slipping my mind right now.

    Great BBQ at Rick's Secret Spot.

    Lastly a decent sports bar/upscale tavern at OC Tavern.


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      Thank you! This is great, I can't wait to try each of these places. We have been to White Horses and had a fantastic dinner and enjoyed the down to earth service. Let me know if any Mexican places come to mind. (my personal favorite) if I can get my husband out of the OC Tavern.=)

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        Sonny's also has great seafood pasta dishes...


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          Blue Danube will suprise you.

        2. aha found it...recent post, including my recs.... agree w/ 1000 steps.

          you can add Pipes for a quick breakfast, as well as daily surf report. there's a new place that now occupies the old West of the 5 spot up on Estrella - Sonoma Grill or something similar - haven't been. The Fisherman on the pier is more about location drinks and clam chowder for me, ...other places mentioned have better fish. If you like ribs, etc. definitely go to Rick's Secret Spot (instead of the Rib Trader).

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            Pizza and handcrafted beers go to Pizza port 301 N El Camino Real. Pizza is good beers are outstanding

          2. Places I dig in San Clemente:

            Sonny's -
            Iva Lees -
            Pedros (cheap) -

            Lots of other good places already listed in these replies. Enjoy SC.

            BeachLocal (

            1. There is a small, charming Greek (or Mediterranean) restaurant downtown that is actually pretty good. I forgot the name. But it is on the main shopping street downtown.