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Jun 28, 2007 08:10 PM

Joshua Tree

I'm heading to Joshua Tree National Park for a long weekend and I'm wondering if anyone has any restaurant suggestions, aside from the terrific poolside restaurant/bar at the 29 Palms Inn.

The offerings seemed pretty slim the last time I was out there, though it's been a while.

Any specific thoughts on breakfast places? Someplace better than Denny's for dinner?


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  1. We found a lovely little cafe just near the north entrance, after a quick search, I'm pretty sure it was the crossroads cafe. It was a lovely place with a nice little garden and really healthy hearty food for a day of yomping around the park. I've had lunch there twice, but I imagine their breakfast offerings would be great too!

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      Thank you... that sounds perfect. Great location too!

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        Back from Joshua Tree and I wanted to say thanks -- Crossroads Cafe was excellent.... really good, fresh food, fun artsy decor, and lotsa interesting local characters who clearly eat there all the time.

        I also went to the 29 Palm Inn, which has a very good restaurant with veggies from the owner's organic garden.

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