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Jun 28, 2007 07:44 PM
Discussion, Farmers Branch

This month's D Magazine has a piece on, which is a small food market near the Galleria. We went this past Saturday and I highly recommend it. They have a number of Italian items such as pasta, prosciutto (San Daniele is $14/pound vs. $22/pound at Central Market per the article), olive oils, balsamic vinegar, pancetta, coppa, bresaola, etc.; teas, different kinds of salts, some Asian items, caviar, foie gras, olives, a number of cheeses, chocolate, truffle items (they can also order fresh truffles for you), jams, jellies, purees and a few other things. The prices seem pretty reasonable and the people there are pretty friendly and helpful. They recommended we try the Salsa Tartufata, which is very finely chopped mushrooms in white truffle oil. They advised us to take some butter, heavy cream, parmesean cheese and half the jar of the Salsa Tartufata and cook it together in a pot and then add our pasta (we used fettucine) and it was so delicious. This past Saturday they had an olive oil tasting and I bought the Riviera Ligure, which is really light and great with bread. Every Saturday they have a tasting, the next two are Flavors of Spain (olives. cheeses, chorizo, serrano ham) and on the 7th it's Truffles (we'll be back for this one). Their website has directions, it's located on McEwen Road off of Midway,one block north of 635 behind the Best Buy.

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  1. I would not actually call them a "small market' they are the supplier to most of the best restaurants in town. They merged with Culinary imports about 8 months ago. They sell both retail and wholesale. I have had an account with them for my catering business for several years now. Yes they have great prices on some reasonable quantities of items. There prices on a whole prosciutto for instance is quite good, but again you have to be doing a large party to make it worth while.

    1. World delicacies was at the SW Food Expo last week and they had samples of their truffle was wonderful.

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        This Saturday they are having a truffle tasting from 10:30-4:00.

      2. I went over to browse today and had a lovely time. The selection is very good, and when I mentioned the pink salt that Stephen Pyles' restaurant sprinkles on the butter, the response was that they would look up the SP account to ensure which variety of salt that was--I walked out with a bag, needless to say. I'm going back soon.

        1. I am in love with this place. I hit up the truffle tasting today. It wasn't anything extensive, but still wonderful. They are so extremely helpful around there though! While I was browsing i was given a complimentary bottle of mineral water. The pancetta comes in under 10 a pound and the cheeses are all at wonderful prices. The manager mentioned that she makes sure to have sizes <5 dollars available of all the cheeses if possible. Artisan pastas for 2.50 rather than 5.00. Wonderful olive bar. Great olive oil selection. Everything is really great, plus, you're not paying for image, just high quality.