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Jun 28, 2007 07:12 PM

Substituting cream with buttermilk?

I ran out of cream. I don't have any milk. I want to make scalloped potatoes. Can I substitute the cream for buttermilk?

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  1. NO.. Buttermilk is sour milk left over from the churning of butter. The buttermilk will impart a tart, unpleasant taste. Skip the scalloped potators til you can get to the store.. It would help to keep acouple of cans of evaporated milk on hand.. fuzzy granny

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      Not in scalloped potatoes unless you want them to taste a bit like sour cream. Not terrible but probably not what you are aiming for. Anymore buttermik is a cultuard product like yogurt or sour cream, it for the most is quite low fat and you miight end up with curds in a baked product like scalloped potatoes. It is delicious in mashed potatoes. Alas, the days of real buttermilk as a byproduct of chruning milk for butter are gon unless you know a dairy farmer who makes butter for their own consumption.