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Jun 28, 2007 06:49 PM

I found Frozen Custard in Connecticut!? Rita's

On the Tristate board in a thread about lobster dinners, a nice chowhound named chefstu mentioned something about Rita's in Branford having frozen custard. I did some research and found there is a store also in West Haven. I love Frozen Custard and always get it at Kohr's Bros. while on the Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ. We went tonight. The custard was incredible. The store I went to is located right next to the Oyster River Tavern and across from the water and West Haven geese. It was just like I remember. So exciting to find this in CT. My mom had their gelati that is a layer of custard, a layer of ice, and a layer of custard. Delish. They obviously also have daily Ice specials. It's a quick drive from the famous West Haven Boardwalks, so you could feasibly drive up the road and take a nice walk with your treat or just cross the road and walk right on the lower beach.

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  1. Rita's is a staple where I live in PA, and IMHO has been going down hill the past couple of years. But, I'm not a huge ice fan, and there are a few other places around that have better ice cream, so no bid deal to me.

    Glad you like it though!

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      I can't specifically speak to their ices, only the custard. Frozen custard seems to be hard to find in CT. Usually ices are too sweet for me--the only ice place I ever liked in CT was Micalizzi's in Bridgeport.