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Jun 28, 2007 06:38 PM

dinner,drink and girl talk on the UWS

Looking for a tasty,fun spot with good mixed drinks and good wine list for dinner with a friend on Saturday night. Nothing fancy but comfy and tasty with maybe a little "vibe" nbut definitely time and room for chatting and catching up. Pref. UWS but we can cab it for the right place.
TIA adi

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      1. re: foody1964

        Calle Ocho....also LOVE Compass (classy, refined, and a place with space)...

      2. I was in Nice Matin a couple of Saturdays ago and it was fairly empty - easy to chat. That may work. With the cooler weather, it has outside option as well.

        1. Neptune Room (85/Amsterdam)

          1. I agree with Calle Ocho but it can be a bit noisy for conversation.

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            1. re: Ken J

              Telepan - 69th & Columbus
              Compass 69th & Amsterdam
              Josephina's - across from MET
              Fiorello's - across from MET
              La Fontana - 72nd & Columbus
              Shun Lee--popular Asian across from MET
              Zeytin - great Turkish food, good service, fair prices and fun place ( 84th & Amsterdam)