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Jun 28, 2007 06:23 PM

Pizza/Italian Buffets??

Does anyone know of any place in the So. NH/Mass area that has a buffet that is not Asian or Indian? I know of the one at Pizza Hut but am wondering if there might be something similar elsewhere. Please keep in mind I am not looking for Sunday Brunch buffets, but rather something during the week for lunch, either buffet/all you can eat, etc. I'm sure there are very few places that might meet this criteria, but throw it out there if you know of one. Thanks

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  1. Try the Yard Restaurant on Rt. 28 Manchester, they have a luncheon buffet option for around $8-9 I believe.

    1. The Gaslight in Portsmouth nh has a great pizza/pasta buffet during the week. It's 6.50 pp and all you can eat including softdrinks. Great pizza.