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Jun 28, 2007 06:05 PM

Lemons not lemony enough

I have a famous lemon meringue pie that I make all the time and get rave reviews for. The problem is that sometimes it's excellent and sometimes it's just so-so, depending on how flavourful the lemons are that I juice for the filling.

How do I make my pie taste more lemony? Is there anything I can add to it that will help bring out the lemon flavour (a pinch of salt, maybe?)?

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  1. What kind of lemons are you using? If you like the sharp flavor of Eureka lemons, then a Meyer lemon will not do it for you because it has a different flavor pattern.

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    1. re: wally

      Honestly, I don't know what kind of lemons they are. I live in Canada (Victoria BC) so I just buy whatever the grocery store has. Maybe I should experiment with different types.

      1. re: victoriafoodie

        Meyer lemons are distinct from generic supermarket lemons. Meyers have a darker, thinner skin, more fragrant skin, and the juice is less acid. They are thought to be an accidental hybrid between lemons and either an orange or a tangerine. My vote would be tangerine, as Meyers have a very similar smell.

    2. Do you grow your own???

      It's not just an old wives tale that urinating on your tree will produce sweeter lemons...

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        1. re: purple goddess

          Seriously? My SO already pees in the compost sometimes... My lemon trees are in large pots, though, so maybe it's a bad idea. Couldn't they get "burned?"

          As far as pies go, I agree that Meyer lemons aren't tart enough.

        2. Yuu can add more zest to the curd (filling) or a fw drops of Boyiajian Lemon Oil. Be careful it is powerful stuff. Refrigerate after opening. Sure it is expensive but it will last a long time.

          1. Zest! That's the best solution. Juice is great, but will never have quite the flavor as the zest.

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            1. re: k_d

              Yup! That is my first thought too... I am a lemon FIEND and I won't do any Lemon recipe without zest...

              1. re: Dommy

                I'm in the zest camp too. It contains all that pungent oil but don't get near the bitter pith when you're grating or peeling.