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Ideas for frozen waffles

I have an entire box of frozen waffles and I like waffles straight-up but I was wondering if anyone had original ways of eating waffles...i.e. waffle sandwiches and the like. Help me, please!

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  1. Yes! Waffle ice cream sandwiches are delish!!

    Also, there was a contest a couple years ago where the winner won a HUGE cash prize for using frozen buttermilk waffles in a recipe for chicken with stuffing (dressing). It looked good, if a little odd.

    Here's something really bad for you: I have been known to deep-fry my waffles when the electricity has been turned off, but the gas bill has been paid. Still yummy, but oh so naughty.

    If you're in the mood for a savory sandwich and you have a non-fruity waffle, you can fill your sandwich with herbed goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and artichoke hearts, then press it panini-style or pan-fry like a grilled cheese.

    Enjoy the experimenting!!

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      I saw that waffle stuffing and tried my own version of it. All you have to do is make some variation of any stuffing/dressing that you like and use the waffles as all or part of the bread. It tasted quite good and added a little different texture. I'm not sure it was better than traditional, but it was good.

      I have replaced it as the bread in a grilled cheese a few times - that was quite good.

      Use it as the crust for pizza, kinda like french bread pizza - a little weird, but a nice change of pace.

    2. not really inventive but I always eat mine with peanut butter and jelly.

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        Chicken and waffles ...leftover roasted chicken, gravy on top of toasted waffle. If I recall, this typical Pennsylvania dish even popped up on the school lunch menu ... but I don't believe there was stuffing on top of it. Gravy was always yellow -- go figure! And I do think the kids still love this dish.

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          Oh my, i used to do the same thing. Nothing better than a couple of toasted blueberry waffles, creamy Jif, and strawberry smuckers!

        2. I've seen them turned into bread pudding, we make "French toast" with ours (we have wheat free waffles and often less hassle then making wheat-free bread). I have seen them turned into breadcrumbs and used as bread in a grilled sandwich as mentioned above.

          1. Use them for P.B. and J. sammys. Or, yes, stuff with ice cream, freeze then dip whole thing in chocolate and slivered almonds! yum!

            1. Well I only eat them for breakfast, but lately I've been putting ricotta cheese, Fage yogurt, etc, and a drizzle of honey and some nuts and berries instead of just plain maple syrup. Gives a lovely creaminess and (I tell myself) some dairy/protein/calcium.

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                This morning I toasted them up then topped them with a sliced banana cooked in butter and a touch of maple syrup and then topped it with some greek yogurt. Really good. I have the buckwheat/health food kind and I think they'd be good with some peanut butter, as people have mentioned above.

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                  Laurendlewis, we did the exact same thing for a number of years (it's the one breakfast routine that we were finally able to break): toasted waffles, berries, nuts, topped with yogurt and honey. It's so addictive.....

                2. They're great for a turkey sandwich with cranberry preserves.

                  1. a friend taught me to melt maple syrup and peanut butter together and pour over waffles. it's really good.
                    love what you ate this morning, sounds great.

                    1. Years ago I went to a party where warm waffles cut in quarters were served topped with ham salad, sounds weird, so weird I've never made it myself, but I remember how good the combo tasted.

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                        I can't say I've had it, but, a restaurant here advertises "Fried Chicken and Waffles".

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                          Yes...on Anthony Bourdian's show he tried it and said it was pretty nasty. I think he went to Roscoe's in LA.

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                            That's one of the very few times I've found myself really, really disagreeing with Bourdain. I started eating chicken and waffles when I moved to LA four years ago, and am now a semi-regular at Roscoe's! Bourdain seemed less than impressed with the quality of the fried chicken, but he never took into account that the maple syrup poured over the chicken is what makes the dish so delicious. And he never tried it with syrup AND hot sauce, which is what makes Roscoe's so addicting, IMHO.

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                              I've never had it at Roscoe's but I'm a huge fan. The best waffles have a hint of cinnamon. And I use real maple syrup, no hot sauce (there should be a bit of a kick from the cinnamon if you do it right)

                              Or, toast them up and spread Nutella on them. mmmm....

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                                I was so inspired by this board, I whipped up a waffle snack just now: waffles, peanut butter, peaches, and honey. The salt in the peanut butter cut through the sweetness of the honey, and the spicy cinnamon did, indeed, tie it all together with the faint tartness of my less-than-perfect peaches. Good call on the cinnamon--I'm going to have these on hand at all times from now on!

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                                  glad you liked it! cinnamon is very much under-utilized, as are frozen waffles. there's nothing wrong with semi-homemade stuff =)

                                  i can't wait for peach season...

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                                    When the first peaches come off my mom's white peach tree, I am so re-making this snack properly :) And maybe I'll try blueberry waffles, too!

                      2. Heat up and cut a waffle into small pieces, then serve over ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. Even add a little whipped cream--it sure ain't healthy, but it's delicious, and the warm waffles constrast wonderfully with the cold ice cream.

                        1. Creamed tuna or chicken is fine on a hot crispy waffle. You can be as plain or fancy as you like with the cream sauce.

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                            Add me in to the chorus of those who champion fried chicken and waffles. YUM! I've never been to Roscoe's in LA, but I make my own belgian waffles and fry my own chicken. Combined with butter and real maple syrup on the waffles and hot sauce on the chicken, you have a heavenly combo.

                            Thanks for getting me in the mood for having this for breakfast tomorrow...

                          2. Dump a bag of frozen blueberries into a saucepan with a cup of water and a cup of sugar and bring to a boil. Thicken with 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch dissolved in cold water. Have this hot on waffles.