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Anything worthwhile in and around edison?

Are their any decent restuarants in and around edison?

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  1. Edison - with its huge Asian immigrant population - has plenty to offer. What do you like?

    1. There are lots of threads on this. If you do a search on Indian in Edison, you'll get a bunch of recommendations. I can recommend to you LouCas on Rt. 27 and Parsonage Rd. and Wonder Seafood (Chinese) on Rt. 27. Also, there are a ton of restaurants in Metuchen that are wonderful. There's an Afghani restaurant, two thai restaurants, A French/American restaurant called Alessio 426 that has a fantastic lunch buffet. Authentic Mexican on Plainfield Rd. between Rt. 1 and Rt. 27 called Crazy Burrito. Five Guys Burgers in Wick Plaza. I can keep going and going!!

      1. Awesome Vietnamese on Rt 1 (631 sounds about right).... Pho ahn Do or something like that

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          That place is great! After my first visit there I was hooked! Everything has such a wonderful flavor. It's well worth the trip!

          Pho Anh Dao
          691 Rt. 1 South & Wooding Avenue (strip mall across from Skylark Diner)

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            I never thought the day would come when I would have a bad word to say about Pho Ahn Dao - well it came. During my last visit, it was made quite clear to me that customer service is not a priority. Unfortunately, I will not be back.

            Bien Hoa (Route 27) is now my new "place".

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              I'm curious what your issue was with the service? Sounds like they really screwed up.

              While I've always enjoyed the Pho there, the freshness of the fixins can go up and down sometimes.

              Bien Hoa is the place with the sugarcane shrimp?

              I like that they put the quail eggs in their Pho

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                i rarely find customer service at vietnamese restaurants!

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                  I always thought bien hoa had the superior pho anyway...

            2. Umm, isn't Edison like the food capital of NJ? At least that's how I feel about it...

              1. Harolds Deli, Raritan Center and Jack Coopers, Tano Mall will more than satisfy a true hound...

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                  I was able to cut and paste this from an email to a friend from about 2 years ago, which I compiled after spending about two years living in the area. My hope is that alot of it still holds true:

                  In Highland Park, which borders Edison and centers its commerce on Rte. 27, you have 7 Hills of Istanbul (turkish), quite good, and Shanghai Park has very solid shanghai-style chinese, especially the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) on weekends. Stony's Deli is located on 27 and makes pretty good Philly sandwhiches. Further up 27, I think, is a Malay-Chinese joint that is decent, but the menu is a bit Gringo and heavy on the familiar. (Is it named MeeWah?) I can't say I haven't had better and more authentic Malay in D.C., NYC or Hoboken.

                  I liked Pho Ahn Dao (mentioned above) a touch of Vietnam on the picturesque U.S Highway One, near Blockbuster. I recommend item No. 35 for the uninitiated. Also on Rte. 1 is the Korean/Japanese Combo joint Woo Jeon, which has a interesting selection of hot pots, and stir fries, but for Korean BBQ we liked a place just east of Rte. 1 on Old Post Road. [I'm not sure if that still exists-it was decent BBQ, though certainly not as good as what you can get in Pal. Park/Fort Lee]

                  On Woodbridge Ave., Kashmir Naan & Kebab is a good little halal grocery joint that makes excellent seekh and boti kebab rolls, including home-fired naan-ish wrapping breads. You can watch Indian soap operas on a massive wood-paneled TV while they tandoor your order. Further down Woodbridge, Edison Pizza was our go-to spot for pies, slices, hot subs and other Italian-American standards. (Legend has it there was a world-class pizza place off 27 on the border of Edison and Highland Park, but it vanished shortly before I moved there--any comment on that?).

                  The strongest cuisine in Edison to me is unquestionably Indian. Moghul is the best all-around place I've tried. http://www.moghul.com/edison/index.html. I also like Bombay Gardens, off of 18 South in East Brunswick, 1020 State Hwy18 New Jersey (NJ) Phone: (732) 613
                  9500. There are dozens of other Indian veg./non-veg. options in Edison/Iselin. I can't comment on the current favorites.

                  I agree with the above recs. of the Metuchen Afghan (part of a local NYC-based chain) and Wonder Seafood for dim sum/Cantonese. I respectfully disagree with Crazy Burrito, which was terrible. Mexican food was hurtin' when I lived in Middlesex Co., and despite a growing Oaxacan population in New Brunswick, I never found anything good. Perhaps the situation has improved...

                2. Rasoi on Oak Tree Road is very good. And the dosas at Bombay Talk are lots of fun. I also loved Alessio for dinner.

                  1. Metuchen Inn is pretty and food is good. Sometimes service has been hit or miss. Jade Dynasty has decent Chinese, Jack Coopers ok deli and Harolds is the best deli.

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                      The Korean place on Old Post Road is called Keum Ho Jung Restaurant, and it varies from good to excellent, depending on the dish, but the sashimi is always excellent. The best I've had in NJ, in fact (never eaten in Ft. Lee/Edgewater/etc.)

                      Has anyone been to Sultana on Route 27 in Edison? It's this big Egyptian smoking joint where everyone hangs out smoking flavored tobaccos in hookahs. I stopped by on a Friday night and the place was packed with a mix of ethnically diverse kids (high school and college-aged) and middle-aged Arab folk puffing away and eating middle eastern standards to thumping Arab disco and music videos on a giant plasma screen. I think the place is Egyptian because they have ful mudammas on the menu (which I thought was breakfast food??). I happened to be in a rush, and couldn't wait the 1/2 hour for the to-go food I wanted. There is a tiny Korean sushi bar next door. That is what caught my eye and drew me in to this little strip center. That was closed, but I noted that it had serious hound potential.

                      I've posted before about Crazy Burrito on Plainfield Ave. This is totally authentic, and usually delicious Mexican food. I've ordered carnitas tacos there five times, and once they were delivered with the tortillas saturated with cooking oil. The other four times they were delivered excellente!

                      I also like the little French sit-down sandwich and pastry shop in downtown Metuchen. Is it called Le Paris? I had a delightful roast leg of lamb on baguette sandwich there for lunch once.

                      I adore the Metuchen Inn. The bar is the finest non-club grown-up bar in Central Jersey, IMO. The whole place reminds me of the Maidstone Arms in East Hampton, only a little more ramshackle.

                    2. If you like Malaysian, I'd recommend Penang on Old Post Road...we've never been disappointed there. The shrimp puffs (wrapped in bacon, deep-fried, and served with a sweet chili mayo) are wonderful...as is everything else on the menu. The only menu item to avoid...the mango shrimp or mango chicken...beyond sweet and sticky.

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                        I had an amazing little stag dinner at King's Village on Rte. 27, between Plainfield Ave. and Highland Park. Finally, a Chinese restaurant that brings a white guy only an authentic Chinese menu, not the Chicken and Broccoli menu and a pot of pleasantly weak green tea (no sugar or soy sauce on the table, thank you). King Village specializes in food from the Beijing region. I started with the "spicy lamb sticks" appetizer, which provided a substantial portion of satay-like lamb skewers sprinkled with a ground red chili powder. The dish was simply served without garnish or sauce. The lamb was served warm and tender. It seemed like the meat was pre-cooked, so I suspect that it might have been braised or slow roasted.

                        Jing, the hostess/owner was very charming and offered to help me with the menu. I wanted duck for dinner, but it was 86'd. I also wanted to try the "Handmade Noodles" that are advertised in neon in the menu, so I asked for a bowl of soup noodles with meat and authentic vegetables. I asked her what she liked, and she said that she likes shredded pork in spicy broth, so I took that. The dish was very good. The thick, soba-like noodles were perfectly fully-cooked al dente. The "shredded"-style meat was tangy tasting and very tender because it was from a fatty cut, which I really liked. Two green vegetables were amply provided--trimmed baby bok choy and a julienne of a crinkly kind of green bell pepper. The big surprise was the broth, which was dark brown and rich-tasting (but not cloyingly beefy) and had a hint of spice that crept up on my palate.

                        I noticed that there was an entire page of dishes on the menu called "Northern-Style Wheat Pancake," and that a couple of young Chinese women at the next table were enjoying a platter of saucy food with a side plate pile high with flatbread that looked like whole-wheat tortillas.

                        Jian and Jing (I am spelling their names phonetically) introduced themselves as the owners at the end of the meal and were very charming. They were professionals in their past lives in China and are very interesting to talk to.

                        Give it a try! www.kings-village.us

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                          Great finds soigne! I drive up to Keum Ho Jung pretty regularly, but I've never gotten any of their sushi! I'll give it a shot the next time. Definitely hitting up that hookah bar. I'm guessing the takeout sushi place is Hwal Hwa San. I've gotten their sushi platters for parties before and it's a great place to get good sushi for cheap..

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                            Soigne - We must have tried two completely different places. Based on your review, I was very excited about trying King's Village. After dining at Shanghai Park, I was looking forward to eating at an authentic Chinese that treated everyone nicely. In fact, some of things you noted were true. The interior was nice and clean and finely decorated while the service was friendly and attentive. Now as far as the food was concerned, the following adjectives come to mind: disgusting, horrible, awful, etc .. you get the drift I'm sure. Were we dining in two different places? I mean come on. This was the exact opposite of Shanghai Park. Now if we put the two together it would make a good restaurant (Shanghai's food and King's serivce). Here are the specifics. My dining companion and I arrived at about 2PM on Sunday to find the restaurant practically empty. When seated we were each given a menu which was written in Chinese and English. Thankfully no forks were placed on the table following our arrival. After a few minutes, the owner came over to ask if we needed any assistance, at which point a discussion ensued and he recommended the following: wonton soup northern style, steamed pork "soupy" buns, and the house special duck. After a good ten minutes (and at which point we were expecting the soup) we were presented with the soup buns. These compromised of six pretty large buns in a metal steamer lined with lettuce with a dish of vinegar (not the usual black vinegar with ginger however). While tasty, these were not soup dumplings because they had no soup in the them. Instead they consisted solely of a large pork meatball. Very disappointing. Next came the duck. At this point I noted to the server that we were missing our soup. Soon thereafter the soup arrived however it was well past its time in the meal. The soup was also horrible. The broth was flavorless and the wontons were waterlogged. Just a plain waste of a dish. The duck was even worse. It was delivered on a platter swimming in a pool of fat, the skin looked barely cooked and hardly any fat was rendered from the skin. This was ridiculous. To make matters worse the meat was barely warm and I had to do my best to eat it and keep it down. The duck was accompanied with the typical pancakes, scallions and plum sauce. I couldn't wait to get out of there. We got the check, paid and before we got out the door the owner asked how the meal was. I debated at the table what to say if asked. I usually just say fine and leave not looking to make a scene. In this case I was seriously considering saying how truly horrible the meal was. Instead I wimped out and said : "okay I guess" and left. Please stay away from this place. My strongest warning!!!

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                              Wow! Sorry you had such a bad experience on my recommendation. I had a great little dinner there. I only dined there once and couldn't (and didn't) comment on consistency. Unfortunately, there are too many restaurants where the quality of the food served depends on who is on-duty in the kitchen.

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                                Soigne - Not a problem. I completely agree and understand. A little postscript - I was so disappointed with the meal I had to make it up to myself by bringing home sacks of food from Harold's. Needless to say there were many smiles in the bgut1 household last night. :)

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                                  I'm a bit surprised. I eat lunch there quite a bit and I like it a lot. I think they and Wonder probably have the best food on that strip of 27.

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                                    I've also been there many a time. I tend to like the steamed dumplings there over the soup dumplings by a large margin (I usually get the three ingredient dumplings) Also during the Chineese new year they make special dumplings with different flavors. I also recall when I first started going there that their recommendations seemed to follow closer to what one might find in an american style chineese restaurant. Even by asking what they like to eat I was steered towards Kung Pao Chicken After learning to never order the Kung Pao. I find everyone who works there to be kind and well intentioned, I think they just have a hard time guessing what an american might like..

                                    As I recall (haven't been there in a while) there are two menus as well. Unfortunately you really have to be careful ordering here some stuff is fantastic and anything resembling american style is to be avoided. The menu here is very expansive.

                                    I think after easter I'll start attacking the menu here and seeing what I can find.

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                                      We've learned to only order seafood at WS, unless the meat dish is specifically recommended by the manager, who is very trustworthy--the deep-fried pork chops are sensational. But the first time we were there, we had sichuan pork or something like it, and it was mediocre takeout quality.

                        2. My favorite Indian restaurants are Shalimar and Moghul. Both are on Oaktree Road which seems to be the heart of little India in New Jersey. Shalimar is casual and less expensive and Moghul is fancier and more expensive. Both are amazing. The only place that I have tried that I didn't like was Rasoi on Oaktree Rd. I know a lot of people who like it so perhaps it is just the dish that I tried.

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                            I love the goat korma at Shalimar.

                          2. I love Meemah (Chinese food) on 27. By LouCas...

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                              I'll second Meemah on Parsonage and 27. A nice Malaysian/Chinese mix. The pork and shrimp dumplings in sesame sauce are the best thing there. Parking can be tough since it fills up with the mobs going to LouCas.

                            2. You must try this hole-in-the-wall place, it's near Highland Park (on rt. 27, near Stelton Road by this large strip mall which sells Asian groceries)...Delhi Garden is strictly a take-out & delivery place, there is no seating inside. But don't let that stop you from trying some of the most amazing, sensuous, fresh and tasty food...I liken it to a roadside dhaba (kinda like a roadside diner pitstop) in India, but the best part is they deliver within a 10 mile radius. If you love traditional northern Indian cuisine I highly recommend this place. Try their lamb & goat dishes, their chicken is so tender it crumbles the moment it enters your mouth. The vegetarian dishes are also rich and they add fresh herbs & spices to everything. Try the palak paneer, aloo gobi, and dal tadka, it's really good!!! You can actually see the fresh methi/fenugreek leaves in the dishes! They give reasonably priced freshly cooked food in decent quantities, and while there's no dearth of Indian restaurants in the area, it's one of the few places where I felt the food was like having a home cooked meal. They have a website where you can see their menu, timing of operation, and address if you actually want to pick up the food --- but why bother if they deliver? ;)

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                                  i have a serious delhi garden addiction. it is unspeakably good. i wrote about it on my blog:

                              1. Just moved to the border of Highland Park and Edison and went to a relatively new place, SushiO in a small shopping mall across the highway from Skylark Diner. Loved it. Very Asian fusion with very creative rolls.

                                Been there three times, can't say anything bad about it. Decor is beautiful and modern and the host and waiters go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Especially liked their shrimp fried rice and this roll that had mango sauce on it (barbie roll). Fresh and delicious.

                                SushiO; the NEW OTAYA EXPRESS!
                                691 Route 1, Edison, NJ