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Jun 28, 2007 05:52 PM

Anything worthwhile in and around edison?

Are their any decent restuarants in and around edison?

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  1. Edison - with its huge Asian immigrant population - has plenty to offer. What do you like?

    1. There are lots of threads on this. If you do a search on Indian in Edison, you'll get a bunch of recommendations. I can recommend to you LouCas on Rt. 27 and Parsonage Rd. and Wonder Seafood (Chinese) on Rt. 27. Also, there are a ton of restaurants in Metuchen that are wonderful. There's an Afghani restaurant, two thai restaurants, A French/American restaurant called Alessio 426 that has a fantastic lunch buffet. Authentic Mexican on Plainfield Rd. between Rt. 1 and Rt. 27 called Crazy Burrito. Five Guys Burgers in Wick Plaza. I can keep going and going!!

      1. Awesome Vietnamese on Rt 1 (631 sounds about right).... Pho ahn Do or something like that

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          That place is great! After my first visit there I was hooked! Everything has such a wonderful flavor. It's well worth the trip!

          Pho Anh Dao
          691 Rt. 1 South & Wooding Avenue (strip mall across from Skylark Diner)

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            I never thought the day would come when I would have a bad word to say about Pho Ahn Dao - well it came. During my last visit, it was made quite clear to me that customer service is not a priority. Unfortunately, I will not be back.

            Bien Hoa (Route 27) is now my new "place".

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              I'm curious what your issue was with the service? Sounds like they really screwed up.

              While I've always enjoyed the Pho there, the freshness of the fixins can go up and down sometimes.

              Bien Hoa is the place with the sugarcane shrimp?

              I like that they put the quail eggs in their Pho

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                i rarely find customer service at vietnamese restaurants!

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                  I always thought bien hoa had the superior pho anyway...

            2. Umm, isn't Edison like the food capital of NJ? At least that's how I feel about it...

              1. Harolds Deli, Raritan Center and Jack Coopers, Tano Mall will more than satisfy a true hound...

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                  I was able to cut and paste this from an email to a friend from about 2 years ago, which I compiled after spending about two years living in the area. My hope is that alot of it still holds true:

                  In Highland Park, which borders Edison and centers its commerce on Rte. 27, you have 7 Hills of Istanbul (turkish), quite good, and Shanghai Park has very solid shanghai-style chinese, especially the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) on weekends. Stony's Deli is located on 27 and makes pretty good Philly sandwhiches. Further up 27, I think, is a Malay-Chinese joint that is decent, but the menu is a bit Gringo and heavy on the familiar. (Is it named MeeWah?) I can't say I haven't had better and more authentic Malay in D.C., NYC or Hoboken.

                  I liked Pho Ahn Dao (mentioned above) a touch of Vietnam on the picturesque U.S Highway One, near Blockbuster. I recommend item No. 35 for the uninitiated. Also on Rte. 1 is the Korean/Japanese Combo joint Woo Jeon, which has a interesting selection of hot pots, and stir fries, but for Korean BBQ we liked a place just east of Rte. 1 on Old Post Road. [I'm not sure if that still exists-it was decent BBQ, though certainly not as good as what you can get in Pal. Park/Fort Lee]

                  On Woodbridge Ave., Kashmir Naan & Kebab is a good little halal grocery joint that makes excellent seekh and boti kebab rolls, including home-fired naan-ish wrapping breads. You can watch Indian soap operas on a massive wood-paneled TV while they tandoor your order. Further down Woodbridge, Edison Pizza was our go-to spot for pies, slices, hot subs and other Italian-American standards. (Legend has it there was a world-class pizza place off 27 on the border of Edison and Highland Park, but it vanished shortly before I moved there--any comment on that?).

                  The strongest cuisine in Edison to me is unquestionably Indian. Moghul is the best all-around place I've tried. I also like Bombay Gardens, off of 18 South in East Brunswick, 1020 State Hwy18 New Jersey (NJ) Phone: (732) 613
                  9500. There are dozens of other Indian veg./non-veg. options in Edison/Iselin. I can't comment on the current favorites.

                  I agree with the above recs. of the Metuchen Afghan (part of a local NYC-based chain) and Wonder Seafood for dim sum/Cantonese. I respectfully disagree with Crazy Burrito, which was terrible. Mexican food was hurtin' when I lived in Middlesex Co., and despite a growing Oaxacan population in New Brunswick, I never found anything good. Perhaps the situation has improved...