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Jun 28, 2007 05:50 PM

Perilla, Craft or...

Taking 2 (relatively) sophisticated teens to NYC in August. My daughter is a HUGE "Top Chef" fan and is interested in Perilla, or possibly Craft or Craftsteak for a Friday dinner. We have 8:00 theater reservations, so 5:30 dinner is probably in order. Any reviews of these places? In the alternative, any ideas for pre-theater places in the theater district? We have reservations for LaRivista (always good, always!!!) for Saturday night, so we have Italian covered).


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  1. i wrote a brief review of craft.. very disappointing considering its hype, talented team, concept etc... conversely, i liked perilla alot. had the cuddlefish and duck breast. both very good. side of bok choy and i think chinese broccoli was good...

    1. Take her to is really good. Harold usually ducks his head out of the kitchen. Would be an overall nice experience for her.

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        I haven't been to craft, but I thought Perilla was a little overhyped. I like the design of the restaurant, but I thought all of the food was slightly off. The sauce on the langoustines tasted like every day packaged thai peanut sauce to me. It took away from the freshness of the "fish". The duck meatballs were pretty good, but the peekytoe crab salad was inconsistent. I was given a taste of the fiddlehead fern ravioli, that was excellent and I would get that if I went back, but I think it's off the menu now. I do agree that the side of bok choy was good though.