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Jun 28, 2007 05:04 PM

Fiddler's Green? Southwest Harbor

Has anyone been to Fiddler's Green in Southwest Harbor? A friend recommended it and I was wondering what fellow Chowhounders thought.

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  1. I used to live in SWH, have driven by it daily, but have never dined. It has a good reputation. I think it is for sale.

    1. Ate there this spring, it has a lovely harbor view. Food was okay, but Red Sky is far, far better food wise (but lacks a view). An aside, don't miss Harbor Treats, which sells authentic Pad Thai and other Asian foods to go.

      1. Fiddler's Green is for some reason one of the best kept secrets on Mount Desert Island. I have been dining there for over 6 years and have never had a bad experience. The food is fantastic, and the atmosphere is casual and fun, not stuffy. Occasionally the chef tries something new that doesn't work, but how else could he continue to produce the creative, interesting food that he does. The restaurant is also very accomodating for children and offers three different seating areas, so those not interested in the family vibe can enjoy their experience as well. All in all, Fiddler's is always worth the trip, and quite reasonably priced considering.

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          We ended up trying Fiddler's Green for lunch one day the first week in July. The view was great, but the food was not memorable. I would be willing to try it again sometime for dinner based on others experience.

        2. Best food on the island in my opinion, been going to MDI since i was born and working there every summer. Red Sky is nice, but way to stuffy and uncomfortable, tables seem like they are just next to each other. Fiddler's has great food, great prices, all local, organic food, the freshest fish you can get. As for the lunch, that was a tactic to get more people to come in and see their menu, they were sold out almost every night this past summer. BEST FOOD, GREAT PRICES! GO THERE YOU WONT REGRET IT. awesome beer and wine selection, really unique selection that you will not see anywhere else guaranteed.