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Jun 28, 2007 04:50 PM

Simply Bread- Phx

ok I have a huge problem... I love bread. I made my first trip to Simply Bread this morning and 15.00 dollars later I have a new addiction. Does anyone know of a bread eater annoynomous in the phoenix area? SB 1.00 rolls today were thyme and sea salt and I have just polished off the bag. Please help! :-)

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  1. Don't fight it. Just succumb the way I did a few months ago. Simply Bread has a delicious array of products. Many feature whole grains, at least in part, and none to my knowledge have hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, etc. It's not a bad habit to have.

    1. Up from Tucson with an hour to spare between a late lunch and a 3:00 meeting at 22nd and Camelback, I was left with a "where will I go, what will I do" thought. Off I went to Simply Bread. Three loaves heavier and $11 lighter, I went off to my meeting in very good spirits. Great toast for the weekend awaits me!!!

      1. All I know is bringing a box of SB breakfast pastries (and a big thermos of strong coffee) to a sales presentation in Tucson led to the single biggest purchase order I wrote for the manufacturer in question. Then the president of said manufacturer screwed me out of the deal, but that's another story entirely, except that I no longer visit AZ on business, so no more SB for me. Thank goodness we have Romina Rasmussen and her shop Les Madeleines in SLC. She blows away even the SB stuff...