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Jun 28, 2007 04:37 PM

Bento boxes

I'm tired of packing my lunch in a brown paper bag with tons of ziplocs inside. Where in the DC area can I get a bento box or something similar (i.e. lots of compartments, reusable, dishwasher safe)? I have a car, so public transportation accessibility is not a problem. Please help me, Chowhounders, I want to save the trees/whatever plastic comes from! Thanks.

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  1. If Washington DC doesn't have its own version of Little Tokyo (so you can perhaps combine the bento purchase and eat sushi on the same trip), I'd suggest resorting to the net. I know you can find them on eBay.

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    1. Someone just posted this on a different thread about bento boxes:

      1. If you go to one of the large Korean supermarkets that also sell housewares (such as Super H Mart) you can find the asian lunch boxes/bowls which stack on top of each other. Kind of like a plastic, insulated version of an Indian tiffin box. You can also find them here.

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          Sunday Source did a Bento Box feature a few weeks ago with local information for getting your box: "Where to Buy A Box of Your Own" here is the link:

          For the story and their suggestions: Order of the Day
          For Lunch, a Bento Box Holds The Promise of Harmonic Nutrition

        2. There is a place in Penn Quarter (on the yellow & green lines - archives stop) - called teaism. They are both a wonderful tea shop (gotta try the ginger scones and salty oat cookies). They also have a shop next door t& online - they sell loose tea and all things asian/related. Including bento boxes.

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