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Rehoboth Beach Restaurants (upscale)

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I am going for a long weekend with my mom and sisters at the end of July and we are looking for some suggestions as we all love to eat really good food. Any thoughts on the following: Chez La Mer, Blue Moon, Eden, Espuma, Nage or Big Fish Grill? Any other suggestions. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Chez La Mer and Eden are my preferred out of that list. Espuma has been one I keep meaning to try. I also like Furion (just down the street from Chez La Mer and Stoney Lonen.

    By the way, if you like unique jewelry, hit up Rio Mining Company.


    1. I can't call the Big Fish Grill upscale,what with its no reservations,90 minute waits,loud loud rooms,general barn-like ambience.But all that said,they put out some mighty good food.Everything I have had there was superb.Finfish,crabcakes,shellfish,they do what they do quite well.

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        Dear Peaches - I agree with Billfish, Big Fish is a family place and always packed. Chez La Mer has recently been sold but all of your choices are solid. You might also consider the Back Porch - both it & Blue Moon have been the original Rehoboth culinary institutions for 20 years now. If you have time, consider a short trip up the highway (or the new bike path) to Lewes where you have Striper Bites and their smaller offspring, Half Full, which is basically a small, casual wine bar with good gourmet pizzas.

      2. All good, but your replys are right about Big Fish, not upscale, but good. I prefer their seafood market to pick up goods to make a gourmet meal at home.
        My favorite from you list is Espuma. have been going for years, with a slight mediteranean flair it's fun and extremely enjoyable!
        Have a great weekend!

        1. Last time I was at Big Fish, the ceiling fans just didn't cut it. After a 90 minute wait, I was melted. The food is decent but they really haven't figured out how to create a good environment to enjoy it! I'd skip it-- as an earlier post said, it's like eating in a barn!

          I have found Eden to be fantastic, time and time again!

          1. I ate at Nage last night for the first time and it was very good. We shared their signature appetizer of roasted oysters, which were yummy. We also tried a neighbors pommes frites, which were quite tasty. The Nage shellfish dish in a rich broth was fabulous, and the roasted halibut was a close second. We didn't stick around for dessert but the creme brulee looked tasty. Service was excellent. They also have a nice selection of reasonably priced wines. We had lunch at Beseme, a new place in Lewes today and it was good. They have an interesting if more casual approach to dinner (looks like a lot of small plates) that sounds promising. La Rosa Negra, also in Lewes, is also supposed to be quite good, but I haven't made it yet. Striper Bites is best for lunch. Try their signature club sandwich and fries. They're great.

            1. My standout is Fish On in Lewes, about 10 minutes or so up Rt.1. Great seafood and atmosphere with an upscale flair.
              Nage is another one that doesn't dissapoint and serves a great lunch as well. In town you may want to try Back Porch Cafe.

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                I second Fish On. Went there last year on a recommendation from this board, and had a great meal -- shrimp and grits, with a little chili oil in the grits.

              2. Ate at Go Fish while on a day trip to the beach yesterday, Second time there. The fish and chips are good, but be forewarned that they are not cheap; $16.95 for one peice of all be it good fish. But, yesterday we did one order of fish and chips and three fantastic appetizers as entrees. The oysters were outstanding. The shrimp were really good, and the soft shell crab was very nice with a very good corn relish accompanying it. The tartar sauce has to be made on site....very tasty. An early and filling dinner for three and only 45 dollars. Cannot remember any non-fried items on the menu as entrees but I may be wrong.