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Jun 28, 2007 03:32 PM

Private Party for 100 in Laguna Beach on a Satuday Night. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Hello everyone,

We are in a major bind. We are looking for a place that can have a private party for 100-120 people on a Saturday night in Laguna Beach or Dana Point. We would even be interested in renting a private house and catering but we can't seem to find something for less than a minimum of $16,000. We have tried:
Las Brisas
Sorrento Grille
The Cottage
Javiar's Cantina
Dizz'z As
the Beach House
Canyon Lodge
Ti Amo
St. Regis
Montage Resort

All of these were a no go because they either had minimums for the evening or required a buyout of the entire restaurant for that amount of people. We are spending so much on the wedding, we wanted to have a fun, casual rehearsal dinner with good food. Good food being the priority, but it doesn't need to be fancy. Does anyone have any idea?

Thank You!!!


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  1. You can have Ti Amo on a Saturday night for a minimum of $6.900 + tax + 18% tip, "IF" you're willing to have the entire restaurant for only half the evening; either you leave by 8:30 p.m., (and their willing to open early for you) or arrive at 8:30 (might be be able to get it at 8:00 and what's wrong with telling you guests "DINNER at 8" ?) and stay till you close the place down. Menus range $35 to $65 per person & you can mix & match any items you like. For 100 -120 people, budgeting at 110:

    $4,400 Food - $40 X 110 =
    $2,000 Wine - $18.18 X 110 = Assuming 1/2 bottle per guest (*)
    ...$500 Contingency Fund - In case the other 10 show up, upgrade the food, bottles of Bubbly..
    $6,900 - Minimum

    Or $9,100 under the lowest minimum you quoted above all before Tax & Tip.

    With Tax & Tip:

    $20,437 - Tax & 18% Tip
    ($8,814) - Tax & 18% Tip
    $11,623 - Savings which will pay for a round of cocktails somewhere else if your group's got time to kill before 8:00 (or 8:30)

    Contact - Scott Shepard - General Manager
    (949) 499-5350

    (*) The $40 & under selections are 16 Whites $22 to $39 & 8 Reds $29 to $40. If your guests are evenly split between red & white and you're a big Red wine lover, then Jordan Cabernet Sanoma $55 & the cheapest Pinot Grigio $26 or Chardanay $27 combo would only slightly dip into your Contigency Fund, ect.......

    1. It was a company dinner a handful of years ago, but I think the place was called C'est La Vie and we used their outside deck to watch the sun set while we dined.

      1. Did you settle on something? Curious to hear what you found ...