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Private Party for 100 in Laguna Beach on a Satuday Night. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Food622 Jun 28, 2007 03:32 PM

Hello everyone,

We are in a major bind. We are looking for a place that can have a private party for 100-120 people on a Saturday night in Laguna Beach or Dana Point. We would even be interested in renting a private house and catering but we can't seem to find something for less than a minimum of $16,000. We have tried:
Las Brisas
Sorrento Grille
The Cottage
Javiar's Cantina
Dizz'z As
the Beach House
Canyon Lodge
Ti Amo
St. Regis
Montage Resort

All of these were a no go because they either had minimums for the evening or required a buyout of the entire restaurant for that amount of people. We are spending so much on the wedding, we wanted to have a fun, casual rehearsal dinner with good food. Good food being the priority, but it doesn't need to be fancy. Does anyone have any idea?

Thank You!!!


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  1. j
    JBC RE: Food622 Jun 28, 2007 07:11 PM

    You can have Ti Amo on a Saturday night for a minimum of $6.900 + tax + 18% tip, "IF" you're willing to have the entire restaurant for only half the evening; either you leave by 8:30 p.m., (and their willing to open early for you) or arrive at 8:30 (might be be able to get it at 8:00 and what's wrong with telling you guests "DINNER at 8" ?) and stay till you close the place down. Menus range $35 to $65 per person & you can mix & match any items you like. For 100 -120 people, budgeting at 110:

    $4,400 Food - $40 X 110 =
    $2,000 Wine - $18.18 X 110 = Assuming 1/2 bottle per guest (*)
    ...$500 Contingency Fund - In case the other 10 show up, upgrade the food, bottles of Bubbly..
    $6,900 - Minimum

    Or $9,100 under the lowest minimum you quoted above all before Tax & Tip.

    With Tax & Tip:

    $20,437 - Tax & 18% Tip
    ($8,814) - Tax & 18% Tip
    $11,623 - Savings which will pay for a round of cocktails somewhere else if your group's got time to kill before 8:00 (or 8:30)

    Contact - Scott Shepard - General Manager
    (949) 499-5350


    (*) The $40 & under selections are 16 Whites $22 to $39 & 8 Reds $29 to $40. If your guests are evenly split between red & white and you're a big Red wine lover, then Jordan Cabernet Sanoma $55 & the cheapest Pinot Grigio $26 or Chardanay $27 combo would only slightly dip into your Contigency Fund, ect.......

    1. brekkie_fan RE: Food622 Jun 28, 2007 11:18 PM

      It was a company dinner a handful of years ago, but I think the place was called C'est La Vie and we used their outside deck to watch the sun set while we dined.

      1. 5 and Dime Eater RE: Food622 Jul 18, 2007 02:36 PM

        Did you settle on something? Curious to hear what you found ...

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