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Jun 28, 2007 03:32 PM

Niagara/Jordan vs. Prince Edward County

Planning to spend a romantic weekend in one or the other: where is the food better? Have read the individual threads on each, but a comparison would be a big help. Prefer bistro-style food to overcomplicated creative stuff (unless done perfectly which it almost never is), so have some doubts about all these fancy-pants winery restaurants. Looking forward to tasting the wine, though!

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  1. I can't compare, but in Niagara, your best bets are almost certainly not the fancy-pants winery restaurants. My sense is that you will have more choice in Niagara, as our restaurant industry has had a longer time to mature around the growth of the wineries. That said, there is at least one place in Prince Edward County that I have been longing to try (Harvest in Picton). I think PEC would be a good choice, but I know Niagara would be! Try Stone Road Grille, Epicurean, Zest, and About Thyme Bistro.

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      Harvest is good, expect Toronto style prices though. While my money is always on the county, the other thing that might be an issue would be finding somewhere to stay that is suitably romantic. I'm not really up on the hotel scene in niagara but it is sometimes hit or miss in the county. Let me know if you'd like specific advice or recomendations from a semi-local :)

    2. I would say the Jordan/Vineland area; there'll be more opportunity to venture around to differerent wineries there than in PEC. Inn on the Twenty is great for a romantic getaway, though there are many nice B&Bs in the area. If you're looking for bistro-style food, you may not want to have your dinner at their resto though... hopefully the others can help you out there.

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        I'm from Picton. The main thing about the food/wine scene in the County is that it's happened really in the last few years. There are still major growing pains going on with the wine biz, less so with the food. While Harvest seems to get the most press and is very busy (it's opposite our home), a lot of people rate the Merrill Inn highly.

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          I like the Waring House in Picton, for food and the accomodation at the Inn is all right as well...I tend not to like 'frou-frou/country kitsch' so that lets out a lot of B & B's (not only in the County either) Angeline's is also good but I think the Harvest is excellent overall for dinner.
          If you want barebones accomodation..there is a 'motel' attached to Angeline' is fairly spartan but clean and bright, parking at your door and you can see the 'sights' in Bloomfield when going out for a walk. My sister lived in both Bloomfield and Picton and I tend to prefer the 'quiet' of Bloomfield.

      2. I vote for PEC. It's a more beautiful drive (IMO) and less affected by tourism/tackiness than the Niagara area.

        1. I like both places but for a low-kwy, romantic getaway I would say PEC. Eat at Angeline's, Harvest and Merrill Inn. There used to be another place there called the Hidden Bistro but I think that it is no longer. We stayed at the Merrill Inn and loved it.

          1. Dine and stay at the Merrill Inn, Picton. Combines romance and great food all under one very pretty roof. You can walk to many fine restaurants from there and are a short drive away from the wineries and yes even more great restaurants.

            Bloomfield Carriage House is my very favourite. They're only a restaurant without accommodations.

            Had a terrible dinner experience at Waring House. If you're romancing your spouse, please avoid it.

            I love Niagara, but there's a certain comfy-ness (is that a word) to PEC.

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              Not having done Niagara, I would second Googs assessment of the Waring House. Blah. Not exciting at all - it seems like it would appeal more to the blue haired crowd. We had a great meal at Angeline's and stayed there overnight (last April when they had this amazing special because it was the downest of the down season), but I think I saw in another post that the owner has passed away.

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                I stayed at the Inn at Huff Estates a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. We took a taxi from the Inn to Harvest (10 minutes) and thoroughly enjoyed the tasting menu. We passed on the wine pairing and brought our own bottle and paid the corkage fee.