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Jun 28, 2007 03:16 PM

upscale restaurant

We will be in Hollywood/Beverly Hills for 3 days & would like to go to a nice
"L.A" restaurant- we value food & service. Celeb spotting is a bonus. My choices so far are JAR, A.O.C & Mastro's. Appreciate the help.

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  1. Mastro's and Jar are steakhouses, albeit different versions of a steakhouse. They're both good. Personally, though, I prefer the food at AOC. That is primarily a reflection of my eating preferences, probably.

    1. You're most likely to find a celeb these days at Mozza. The recently opened One Sunset seems to be getting a lot of play also, probably Table 8 and also The Penthouse.

      AOC is definitely a great LA restaurant, so I would definitely second that suggestion. The other ones, as mentioned, are steakhouses though pretty good ones. If you're going to be in the Hollywood/BH area then I would recommend Mozza and AOC. Is there any limitations on what type of food you want to eat or budget? If celeb-spotting is not that big of a deal, then the list obviously expands.

      1. Maybe a weekday lunch at The Grill on the Alley.

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          That's what I was going to mention. I have never failed to see celebs there.

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            I 3rd The Grill on the Alley (Beverly Hills location) for lunch. They have great steak (and other items) and some of the best service in LA - not snooty at all, extremely professional and welcoming to everyone, your tweenie girls will be treated like royalty. I've also had some decent celebrity sightings there.

        2. Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that we will have two tweenie girls with us (California born and bred but they love a good steak - mom is from the Lone Star State). Was trying to get something upscale for people watching but not snooty. I'll try to get a table at Mozza...we'll see:-) From what I've read, looks like JAR has great food and service.

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            Il Sole is a good celeb spot. Your girls would love One on Sunset, Simon LA, and Koi as well. In terms of steak, Jar is delicious, but can be a bit of an older crowd. I think Mastros is probably more of a fun scene for them. Weekday lunch at Barney's Greengrass or The Ivy on Robertson would be great.

            1. re: Julefish

              Definitely weekday lunch at The Ivy. I've even spotted celebs at weekday lunches at The Ivy at the Shore (Santa Monica) - if you plan on going to the beach/pier there, it's convenient.

              I would avoid Simon LA. I was there with 5 other people for dinner and everything tasted incredibly bland, some things were just oddly done, and it's not cheap. None of us liked it or plan to return.

          2. Cut is "the" LA restaurant of the moment. I have never been there and not seen major stars (and not just after getting the bill).

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              the best Los Angeles has to offer kind of depends on your Pocket Book as well as the crowd!!!

              I would hit up MAESTROS and PROVIDENCE 100% !!!!