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Jun 28, 2007 02:47 PM

Philadelphia upscale but not top end

Looking for a Philadelphia, Center City restaurant where I won't be overdressed if wearing a suit and tie, but not at the high end such as Le Bec Fin, Susanna Foo, Striped Bass. Wondering if Alma de Cuba would fit the bill? Years ago the restaurant at Hotel Atop the Bellvue, with live piano music, would have fit the bill perfectly, but I believe that restaurant has changed.

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  1. I think Amada in Old City would fit the bill. The food is fantastic. Also M restaurant at the Morris House Hotel. Check out James too.
    Osteria is more casual than Vetri. But, Vetri is excellent.
    Also, you might want to consider posting this thread in the PA board, where it will get far more responses than here.

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      Good point - have posted there. And thanks for the recommendation!

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        I can't believe I am going to say this but bookbinders is always a good choice. if you go ask for Bi to be your server tell her liz sent you.

    2. My fiance and I ate at the Bellini Grill the other night - 16th and Locust - yum!! Great food, great atmosphere, high-end taste and attention but without the prices. We'll definitely be going back.