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Jun 28, 2007 02:25 PM

Lunch spots around the Embarcadero (other than Ferry Building)?

I've recently accepted a new job at a location near the intersection of Broadway and the Embarcadero (I'd previously been working on the Peninsula). I imagine I'll be spending a fair amount of time walking down to the Ferry Building for lunch, but what else should I check out in that area? I'll be taking MUNI to work, so walking or bus-ing distance would be good. Looking more for casual places to eat with co-workers (or take-out) rather than "business lunch"-type places to take clients.

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  1. Sai's
    Orale Orale
    Henry's Hunan
    Oasis Grill

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I saw Ferry Building but missed Broadway & Embarcadero. None of those places I mentioned in my previous post are really worth the schlep. The Hunan on Sansome has the same menu as Henry's but is a nicer place.

      L'Osteria del Forno (porcini pizza by the slice, focaccia sandwiches, lots of other things)

      Molinari's for deli sandwiches (takeout only)

      Afghan buffet at Helmand's (if it has reopened)

      Cafe Prague, very friendly and cozy place

      Giordano Brothers


      Piperade-To-Go (takeout only)

    2. Gordon Biersch Brewery- hop on muni or walk 2 Harrison
      Grumpy's Restaurant & Pub - on Vallejo
      Harrington's Bar & Grill- on Front
      Fuzio- One Embarcadero, Top Floor
      Mixt Greens- on Sansome- Salads
      Yes Burgers & Malts- 1 Market
      Hunan - on Sansome and Broadway
      More towards Finacial District
      Norton Vault
      Bistro Burger- Outdoor seating

      There is that side street /Alley off Sansome towards Transamerican building that has a mexican spot and few other options, sorry I am blanking.

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      1. re: Lori SF

        I work in that area, and I'd never go to Gordon Biersch, Harrington's or Bistro Burger -- mediocre food, and in the case of the first two, not cheap.

        No one has mentioned Bocadillos.

        If you walk up Broadway to North Beach there have to be some better options. And there's always Chinatown.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I use to work in that area and yes I find most everything mediocre.. Harrington's has a few good least you can eat outside at Gordon Biersch and Bistro Burger especially nice if the weather is good. The burgers are not bad at BB.

          I think North Beach has a similar lunch problem, lot's of mediocre and not cheap places.. besides the two delis there are only one or two places..

          1. re: Lori SF

            I lived one block from Gordon Biersch for over ten years. Other than a good view and ok beer I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'd rather go to Red's Java House wich is less expensive and IMO better ... even the view.

            My goodnes we have totally different tastes, eh?

            1. re: rworange

              Red's Java House is a good call. GB is not a place that I go to but it is a popular lunch spot amoung friends that work in the Hills Bro. Building.. and a fun spot on a sunny day. I was just giving the OP a variety and knew others would add.. the embarcadero has always been a tough area for lunch spots. At one point I just brought my lunch and sat with friends in the park.

      2. There''s also a decent taco truck in the parking lot at (I think) Broadway and Sacramento (it might be the street one block south of Broadway and Sacramento).

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        1. re: vinchar

          Does anyone remember the little Japanese place on the top corner of Pine .. it was right across the street from the Wells Fargo bank building (I think) I used to work on Pine and Montgomery, and would walk up to this place.. excellent Japanese food, the father and daughter worked the front and the mother cooked... thanks

          1. re: vinchar

            Broadway and Sacramento are parallel. The only taco truck I can think of is the one on Pacific just east of Sansome. Could that be the one you have in mind?

            My colleagues like it. I haven't been.

            1. re: david kaplan

              There is a taco truck on Spear and Folsom that is quite good- they are there from about 10am-4pm Mon-Fri.

              1. re: david kaplan

                Yes, that's it. I meant Broadway and Sansome -- or as the case apparently is, on Pacific, just east of Sansome. I've had the pollo, al pastor, and carnitas tacos, and liked all three, but particularly the two pork varieties.

            2. One Market (went there with Mom in jeans on a shopping day, so casual seems okay there)

              Boulevard (not sure if lunch is served, or if I've mis-remembered a meal)

              Wasn't there a diner in that area with amazing milkshakes, too? I think it was in an old traincar or something.

              Happy lunching!

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              1. re: riceflour

                The OP is looking for working person's lunch places both One Market and Boulevard would be "business lunch"-type places to take clients to with a decent expense account.

                1. re: Lori SF

                  There's always that diner, then. I think it had a Fog in the name or something...

                  I do remember it having really good burgers, too.

                2. re: riceflour

                  Fog City Diner at 1300 Battery St. Kinda foofy upscale diner:

                  There are milkshakes on the dessert menu, though!

                  1. re: Annie S.

                    That's exactly the spot! Oh, those milkshakes...if all I had for lunch was one of those, I think I'd be good until dinner. Especially with a banana blended in.

                3. i just went to houston's which is on the corner of Bay and Embarcadero. I know it's a chain, but I have to say that the house made veggie burger on an egg bun is THE BEST VEGGIE BURGER I have ever had. I would order it over a hamburger in a heartbeat! The other things that are on the menu look good. It's corporate lunch fodder, but a reasonably nice atmosphere and they can do quick