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Frozen custard in LA?

I'm from St. Louis, MO, and summertime always triggers my craving for Ted Drew's frozen custard. Ted Drew's uses honey to sweaten the custard instead of sugar, and the result is the richest, creamiest frozen custard I've ever tasted. Does anyone make this type of custard in Los Angeles? I'm seriously jonesing for one of their "concretes."

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  1. I've never seen Frozen Custard here. And it is GOOD stuff too...I've had TEd Drew's.

    1. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I read something about frozen custard at the Beverly Center on La Cienega and Beverly. It's called Silky Smooth Premium Ice Cream, and it's located on the 7th floor (second floor of shops) near Macy's. The description says it's a "fusion" of frozen yogurt and ice cream, and I have no idea what that tastes like, but it might satisfy the craving. Give it a try and let us know...?

      Silky Smooth Premium Ice Cream
      8500 Beverly Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90048
      (310) 854-0071

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        I think Taste Chicago stopped making it. Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream is mostly just that – ice cream. I liked it but have not been there for a long tme. Lickity Split is OK. I think they have the closest to a custard product in L.A.. Strickland's was pretty good but I think it is more an ice cream than frozen custard. I think they just make ice cream in a machine that was designed to make frozen custard.

        Below is my older post on the subject and the addresses are listed.


      2. Not that I have ever seen :-( When I visit my brother in Indiana, I go and get some (vanilla, baby) every day! January or July, it doesn't matter!

        1. This doesn't help very much, but there is a place in El Segundo called Lickity Split Cafe and Frozen Custard Factory that I stumbled on one day when I was in that area. I don't know how close it is to what you're looking for, but maybe it could tide you over? Creamy and rich, but not so much that it tastes greasy and heavy. They give generous portions. Unfortunately, according to their website, they are closed for renovations!


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              i believe the el segundo lickety split location has closed.
              as i recall, though, they have a location in the manhattan beach shopping mall on sepulveda (the one that has macy's).

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                I seem to recall that they have closed during the winter and were resurrected in the summer. I went with my laptop for some of their frozen custard and use of their free wi-fi.

                They were closed and looked out of business but the wi-fi was still hot.

                They opened again when it got warm.

                We can only hope it is a pattern.

            2. I don't know of anyone who makes honey-sweetened frozen custard. I think you're out of luck there. But Lickity Split also has a frozen custard shop in the Egyptian Theater complex on Hollywood Boulevard, but it's been closed a long time for renovation. And there's the aforementioned shop in the Beverly Center. And, lastly, Lucky Devils, a little down from Lickity Split on Hollywood just east of Cherokee, also has frozen custard, which they use to blend their supremely thick milkshakes (especially their amazing toasted pecan milkshake) and to top their cobblers and other desserts.

              Lickity Split: http://www.lickity-split.com/

              1. I too am from the fine burg of St. Louis and have not yet found anything even resembling Ted Drew's in SoCal. Perhaps the lack of humidity and Cards fans makes the custard rather ordinary. Then again, maybe it is the honey.

                1. My wife is a St. Louisan and we've made many a trip to Ted Drewes.

                  The toasted pecan frozen custard milkshake is essentially a concrete (though I've never tried to upside down it).

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                    I used to have to go to St. Louis on business. Ted Drewes is quite amazing. I even went there in the winter.

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                      Where do I get this "toasted pecan frozen custard milkshake?" It sounds great.

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                        6613 Hollywood Blvd, around Cherokee, one block east of Musso & Frank's.

                        Funny you should mention Ted Drewe's. I was actually working on a blog posting comparing Lucky D's to Ted Drewe's.

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                          At Lucky Devils. See my post above. sku provided the address. Lucky Devils also makes other shakes/concretes, including ones made with any of their various cakes (including red velvet).

                      2. I too was going to mention Lickity Split one location was in El Segundo(downtown) wiht a second location in the Manhattan Beach Village Mall...not sure if that one made it. I wasn't impressed. I'm sure it isn't made with honey. I used to make ice cream as a pastry chef...and the "idea" of frozen custard is that egg yolks are cooked with the milk or half and half. Chilled and placed into an ice cream freezer. Basically a frozen " creme anglaise" which is a custard sauce. That is how I made ice cream anyway...I think it's all marketing.

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                          I believe frozen custard is also termed "French" ice cream - most commonly used as in "French vanilla ice cream" - so it's not the rarity it seems to be. I think the term "frozen custard" is just Midwestern parlance.

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                            If you've ever been to Kopps in Milwaukee you wouldn't say that! Kopps has the best frozen custard in the universe, and I've eaten it in the heat of summer as recently as three weeks ago, and in the frozen nastiness of a Milwaukee February. I've also been to Ted Drewe's a few times. Kopps is much better, but I wouldn't turn down a Ted Drewe's concrete. But that's not about finding frozen custard in L.A. The closest I know of is Stricklands in Irvine across from UCI but believe me it ain't all that. It's an outpost of a chain based in Akron, Ohio, IIRC.

                        2. In addition to Strickland's here in the OC, another great place with "real" frozen custard is Big J's in Orange. Good stuff!

                          You know, with all the great places in and around Orange, I would vote the city of Orange as probably the most chow-worthy place in OC. I live in south OC but when I list my top 20 places to eat in OC, I'd say 15 of them are in orange or less than 5 miles away.

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                            Well, as Gilda Radner used to say as Emily Litella on the original SNL, "never mind". Big J's is closed and has been replaced by a frozen yogurt place. Bummer.

                          2. I feel your pain, PlatypusJ. I just posted this last week about the frozen custard from my home town.


                            I can't fathom why someone hasn't a great frozen custrad place like this in LA yet.

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                              The reason frozen custard has failed to catch on is simple--THE NAME!!. Of the MANY custard stands in LA & OC over the years (and I have been to all of them--Pegadoes, Kill Devils, Big J's, Lickity Split, Lixx and more), there is only ONE still in business in SoCal--Silky Smooth at Bev Center. Why? Because they do not call themselves "frozen custard", but are definitely the REAL DEAL and EXTRUDED from very specialized machines (as opposed to cheapo soft serve). Many of the aforementioned custard stands had delicious custard, but the name killed them.
                              I even talked to the Big J's owner last year after he announced his pending closure, and asked him why he was being replaced by yet another yogurt shop. He told me that only a handful of midwest transplants knew what custard was, and everyone else thought it sounded disgusting. Strickland's in Irvine uses genuine old-fashioned frozen custard machines that look really cool, but they don't use eggs in the recipe, so they aren't really custard. Also, i checked their nutrition info, and they use HFCS as a sweetener, which is a shame since cane sugar and/or honey are far better choices. At least their is one stand left and its a good one. Let's hope Silky opens more stores, I wish "custard" stands were as common as yogurt shops --- the stuff is fantastic when it's made right.

                            2. I'm also from St. Louis (St. Charles actually). Can't wait to visit STL next month and hit Ted Drews.

                              Forget Lickity Spli out here. Most are closed and they should be. Terrible product.

                              I tried to keep Taste of Chicago making frozen custard. It was OK but not like back home.

                              The best place I have found is Strickland's by UC Irvine. Anytime I head south of Long Beach I make an excuse to go there. It ain't Ted's but it is excellent.

                              Anyone find anything else within 50 miles of LA, please let me know.

                              Ken Tipton

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                                BTW there is no 'of' in Taste Chicago. I went crazy trying to Google map it.

                              2. I'll agree that Lickity Split was awful....like artificially flavored Dairy Queen.

                                Closest thing I've found to good vanilla frozen custard around here (since Pegadoes in Burbank closed up shop) is the Double Rainbow Vanilla Ice Cream sold at Trader Joe's.

                                1. In the Jersey shore (beach area) it's Kohr's frozen custard. Unbelievably good. Custard is Ice cream with the addition of eggs. It is usually made in a soft serve machine, but can be made in a batch freezer like ice cream, then as some people have mentioned it's called French Ice Cream. I looked at Lickety Splits site, it seems if any are open it's the real deal, but I see bad reviews here. I'd travel for it, or any good Italian water ice, or as New Yawkers say Italian Ice.

                                  1. My daughter went to Wash. U. and stayed in St. L. (a wonderful city, by the way) for 3 years after she graduated -- so I got sort of familiar with the city over the course of that time. And though I don't know my way around ALL that well, I bet I could drive from University City to Ted Drewe's blindfolded. DANG that's good stuff.

                                    1. Silky Smooth at the Beverly Center is GENUINE fresh-made frozen custard--their vanilla is to die for! I used to live in St Louis, and after tasting Silky Smooth several times, went back last month to see relatives, and tried good ol' Ted again on Chippewa. Guess What? Ted's custard was still great, but had a slight off-taste, because Ted uses honey as a sweetener and Silky use cleaner tasting cane sugar. The owner at Silky Smooth told me he too was from St Louis but chose to import his dairy mix from Wisconsin due to the cleaner taste. He also told me the reason they no longer call it frozen custard is because the name custard is not popular in California, and it hurt sales. Check out the photos on Fox TV's website--you will see those famous ribbons of custard flowing down the chute! YUM! (now I'm craving some Lions Choice roast beef...)

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                                        I've never been to Beverly Center. If I don't get buy a shirt somewhere to get my parking validated....will I have to spend $4 for a frozen custard and another $4 to park?

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                                          Parking is $1 per hour, plenty of time for your custard. You don't have to buy anything else at the mall. Every time I go to Silky the mall is not very busy, and I get parking right away. Be sure to park near Macy's, not Bloomies, or you will get lost in the parking garage.

                                          1. re: culinarycandy

                                            I simply refuse to pay for parking at a mall. Howard Hughes is out also.

                                            What a scam!

                                            1. re: Wes

                                              Here is how to beat the "scam"-- just bring a friend, drop the friend off in front of Quiznos on Beverly Blvd (just east of San Vincente) have him/her go up one level on the big escalator, walk into the garage for 20 feet to the elevator, take it to the 7th floor, and voila! you are standing in front of Silky! Time elapsed--2 minutes. Meanwhile, you can wait along the curb away from the taxi's, or take a lap or two around the mall. How do I know this? Because , like you, I RESENT paying for parking just to grab some ice cream. I always send a friend up to get my fix...I can't stand that parking garage either. The only saving grace for Silky is that they are not in the food court--that is why it's a quick in and out as long as you bring a passenger.

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                                          Neptune's net in Malibu which is right on the water is serving frozen custard. They actually ship in frozen custard mix from Mid west. I've only tried their samples while they were refining their recipe but boy it was good. It was definitely allot better than Silky Smooth at Beverly center. It's more creamier and has the right consistency.

                                          1. re: Eastcoast foods nob

                                            I rode out to to Neptune's Net yesterday, enjoyed my lobster & clams, but just like Binnie Loco they are serving a cheap soft-serve version of frozen custard that is no where near the dense, buttery texture of Silky Smooth. All you need to do is look at Yelp http://www.yelp.com/biz/silky-smooth-...
                                            to see the machine with the ribbons flowing to know that only the finest custard stands back east (Kopps, Leons, Ted Drewes, Shake Shack, etc) use this type of machine. No soft serve of any kind can compare, regardless of the ingredients. Like a new Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs a rental Ford Taurus.
                                            Not sure about Theron's--anyone been there yet?

                                        2. Ted Drewe's ships their frozen custard. I'm sure the overnight charges are going to hurt, but when you gotta have it, you gotta have it, right?

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                                            No shipping for me. Once it is hard frozen, it isn't as good. That's why Ted Drewe's failed in the grocery store and at the ball park. You have to go get it freshly made. Then, when they put the chocolate hard shell into the mixer with the vanilla custard and you get 'chocolate chips' which is essentially broken up chocolate, there is absolutely nothing like it . . . .

                                            I think Lucky Devil's is a nice comparison in a pinch.

                                            Anyone tried the frozen custard at Chili My Soul in Encino? I've seen it advertised on the window, but have never gone in. JPB

                                          2. Thanks for the tip on Silky Smooth at Bev Center - I'll check that out. If you happen to be passing through or visiting in the Phoenix area - I highly recommend Culver's.


                                            They have regular vanilla, but also a lot of other custom flavors and it is outstanding. Their burgers are kick-ass, too. Lots of choices on the menu besides frozen delights. It's basically a upscale fast food place with very reasonable prices and everything is nice and clean. You can find the 4 locations on their website.

                                            Being the contrarian that I am - I'm Un - Boycotting Arizona. I plan to make ANY excuse possible to visit and patronize the state - including visiting my mom more often! LOL

                                            1. Real frozen custard is hard to explain. Words like creamy, smooth, rich, etc. do not tell it like it is. The only way I cn describe it is that the it has an unusual consistancy, being all things at the same time but acts like being stiff and soft all at the same time like silly puddy. It tastes especially good if you get it right as it is coming out of the machine. Packaged is definitly not as good because it looses that firm/loose characteristic that makes it so special. I would travel 50 miles just to get some Cobb's frozen Custerd in Wisconsin. My son said he would fly there from L.A>.

                                              1. Pier burger only is good

                                                1. Even though Strickland's in Irvine is technically not custard (no egg), it's the most custardy offering the LA area has to offer. I also like the Top Round, maybe because they make it right there. I think all other custards around town are shipped from the Midwest.

                                                  If you ever go to Las Vegas, they have two good custard places: Luv It and Nielsen's, both made on the premises.

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                                                      Thanks for the tip!! I'm close by so going to go try it!!

                                                      1. re: gr8pimpin

                                                        I like the chocolate concrete with banana peanuts and caramel but all so good and they have a flavor of the week special too

                                                  1. There seems to have been a lot of frozen custard places popping up in OC the last few years.

                                                    Outside of the aforementioned Stricklands, Bruxie has frozen custard. And Confetti and Frostbite offer the very nice combo of Italian ice and frozen custard.

                                                    I've never had "authentic" frozen custard in the midwest, but I've tried all those I mentioned above and they tasted good to me!