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Jun 28, 2007 01:54 PM

Frozen custard in LA?

I'm from St. Louis, MO, and summertime always triggers my craving for Ted Drew's frozen custard. Ted Drew's uses honey to sweaten the custard instead of sugar, and the result is the richest, creamiest frozen custard I've ever tasted. Does anyone make this type of custard in Los Angeles? I'm seriously jonesing for one of their "concretes."

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  1. I've never seen Frozen Custard here. And it is GOOD stuff too...I've had TEd Drew's.

    1. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I read something about frozen custard at the Beverly Center on La Cienega and Beverly. It's called Silky Smooth Premium Ice Cream, and it's located on the 7th floor (second floor of shops) near Macy's. The description says it's a "fusion" of frozen yogurt and ice cream, and I have no idea what that tastes like, but it might satisfy the craving. Give it a try and let us know...?

      Silky Smooth Premium Ice Cream
      8500 Beverly Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90048
      (310) 854-0071

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        I think Taste Chicago stopped making it. Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream is mostly just that – ice cream. I liked it but have not been there for a long tme. Lickity Split is OK. I think they have the closest to a custard product in L.A.. Strickland's was pretty good but I think it is more an ice cream than frozen custard. I think they just make ice cream in a machine that was designed to make frozen custard.

        Below is my older post on the subject and the addresses are listed.

      2. Not that I have ever seen :-( When I visit my brother in Indiana, I go and get some (vanilla, baby) every day! January or July, it doesn't matter!

        1. This doesn't help very much, but there is a place in El Segundo called Lickity Split Cafe and Frozen Custard Factory that I stumbled on one day when I was in that area. I don't know how close it is to what you're looking for, but maybe it could tide you over? Creamy and rich, but not so much that it tastes greasy and heavy. They give generous portions. Unfortunately, according to their website, they are closed for renovations!

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            1. re: kawaiikitty49

              i believe the el segundo lickety split location has closed.
              as i recall, though, they have a location in the manhattan beach shopping mall on sepulveda (the one that has macy's).

              1. re: westsidegal

                I seem to recall that they have closed during the winter and were resurrected in the summer. I went with my laptop for some of their frozen custard and use of their free wi-fi.

                They were closed and looked out of business but the wi-fi was still hot.

                They opened again when it got warm.

                We can only hope it is a pattern.

            2. I don't know of anyone who makes honey-sweetened frozen custard. I think you're out of luck there. But Lickity Split also has a frozen custard shop in the Egyptian Theater complex on Hollywood Boulevard, but it's been closed a long time for renovation. And there's the aforementioned shop in the Beverly Center. And, lastly, Lucky Devils, a little down from Lickity Split on Hollywood just east of Cherokee, also has frozen custard, which they use to blend their supremely thick milkshakes (especially their amazing toasted pecan milkshake) and to top their cobblers and other desserts.

              Lickity Split: