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Jun 28, 2007 01:37 PM

Birthday Dinner Recommendation in DC

Hi all!

I'd love to get your input on a fun place for a birthday dinner with friends. I'm new to the area and have only tried a couple of places so far. Near Dupont would be great but I'm happy to go anywhere that is close to a metro stop. I'm looking for a place w/ a good atmosphere, good food (obviously) and not super expensive since I don't want to impose on others. Also, a place where you get a sense that they let you linger for a while would be a plus. Finally, if you guys know of anywhere that does something fun for your birthday [a big flaming dessert perhaps? :) ] that would be great to know too.

Thanks so much in advance, can't wait to hear your suggestions!

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  1. Cafe Asia is great for those type of things. Its a cool atmosphere, the food is solid and it isnt too expensive. They will glaldly let you hang out all night if you want.

    1. Dino right at the Cleveland Park metro stop.

      Not particularly expensive (esp if you order pasta and small plates) AWESOME food and rediculously good Italian wine list. Casual but hip (by DC standards).

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        Well Dino ain't Dupont, but if you are willing, Dino is a fine recommendation

      2. How about Sette Osteria? It's pretty good Italian...they also do pizzas. I personally like their sweet and spicy sausage with brocolli rabe.

        They have outdoor seating which is great for larger groups and people watching. I've gone many times with a group of friends and just enjoyed the food and wine for a number of hours. No flaming desserts but not too expensive and a varied menu to please all they make all different types of drinks including wine.

        Right near the Dupont Metro.

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          Jaleo in Penn Quarter if you like Tapas - this is one of my favorites. Never had a bad dish there, ever.

          Cieba's on 15th, I think - around the corner and up a few blocks from the theaters. Excellent mojitos and wonderful food.

          Both are metro-accessible - you can probably linger longer at Cieba than Jaleo, and you'll want reservations at either.

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            Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I will let you know where I end up going/ how it all works out. Really appreciate it!