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Jun 28, 2007 01:34 PM

Looking for a cheesemaking tour off of 89 in Vermont

We are driving to Montreal next month and would like to stop along the way to visit 1 or 2 cheesemaking farms. We don't want to venture too far from 89, (10 miles?) and the more samples the better, :)

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  1. For some of these, or a bunch of them, you might need to contact the farm first. You could do Cabot Cheese, but thats not a farm - more of a commercial setting. That is on Rt2 and isnt terribly far out of the way.

    I'd recommend, if you can, try to do Hope Farm, Cobb Hill, Thistle Hill, Grafton Village, Jasper Hill or Shelburne Farms. Shelburne Farms would probably be a good one - not too far out of the way - and more used to visitors I'd think.

    Those are some of my VT Cheese favourites. If you do research on them, you'll find where they lay in relation to 89 (some may not be close), and go from there. A good resource is

    This might be your godsend of a map

    Good luck

    1. I LOVE this place, been there twice and it is great cheese as well as lots of other interesting stuff, with tons of tasting. You can taste all of the cheeses and syrups, and If they don't have a jar of something open that you want to try, this is the kind of place which will have no problem opening a bottle/jar for you. I think the website also has a coupon. Have fun and report back!

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        Shelburne Farms is an excellent destination. If you go late in the day, stop by the Inn and have a cocktail. On the way out is a small shop that sells the cheese made on the farm. This is WORLD CLASS cheese on a par with any. There is also an organic bakery on location that you may be able to score a warm crusty loaf to go with your cheese.

      2. Crowley Cheese in Healdville is more like 25 miles from 89 at Ascutney, but makes really good cheese.