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Jun 28, 2007 01:20 PM

J&B Bakery in Burlington City, NJ

I came across this place because they opened a branch near me, and the woman there told me that their main store in Burlington City (off Rt. 130) sold home-made pierogis. I haven't had good pierogi since the diocese closed my Catholic grammar school (Polish community, and the carnival every year featured a hugely popular Polish kitchen with fresh kluski, kielbasa, piergois, etc....) so I naturally went to find out. They do indeed sell fresh pierogi; they also appear to sell everything you'd ever want to eat. It's a smallish store, but when I went in around 9am, it was packed with the most wonderful baked goods. Maybe I've just been living in a town with an affected, overpriced bakery for too long; I gawked. Yeah, they had the artful little pastries that every Starbucks-clone offers now; the little tarts and cannolis and oversized cupcakes. But they had the real, honest bakery inventory too - trays of fresh-baked savory breads, sacks of snowflake rolls, vast racks of doughnuts, shelves filled with pies and cakes. The woman next to me bought a pepperoni bread and the checker apologized that she couldn't cut it for her because it was too hot. I bought my pierogis and a German-style cheesecake like I haven't seen in 10 years. There was a tragic accident with the pierogis in a crowded fridge, but the cheesecake was excellent.

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  1. Where exactly in Burlington is this great-sounding place, and where is the branch near you located?

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      I'd like to hear about this as well.

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        The Burlington bakery is at 712 South High Street, Burlington, NJ - if you're going north on Rt. 130, you make a right at High Street and it's about 2 blocks up on the right, on a corner. It's the side of Rt. 130 that's further away from Burlington's historic/shopping area. The Palmyra store is on Cinnaminson Avenue, in a small shopping center. I can't find the exact address, but if you're coming from Rt. 130, you go about half a mile, past the cemetary on your right, and it's a few blocks past there. The store's small and pretty easy to miss, but the area's mostly residential so the little shopping area stands out. The Palmyra store doesn't have much variety and isn't very interesting as a walk-in, though you can place an order with the main bakery for something and pick it up in Palmyra.

        Talking about the Palmyra bakery reminded me - the other thing I bought there was a cream doughnut. A little too much bread, but the cream was actually creamy - that sort of soft, gooey cream that is hard to find now that the Dunkin' Donuts style of heavy, thick, cream is so widespread.

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          Thanks for the directions. Looks like the Palmyra store is just past Georgettis, one of my favorite places. Georgettis is just past the cemetery; on the opposite side of the street. Great place for frozen pasta, sauces, frozen Italian meals. Check it out!

      2. wisteria1:
        Thanks for the tip! I finally did visit this bakery, and is a great old time type bakery. I tried some Tiramisu, which was light and delicious. Also some of the breakfast items. Donuts looked great. No pierogis available, evidently they have them in time for the weekends. Well priced, compared to some of my local bakeries.