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Jun 28, 2007 01:10 PM

What is with the smell at Subway??

I forgot my lunch today. Needed something cheap, quick and healthy. The closest option to my office that fits these three things is Subway so I ran down there.

And remembered why I never want to go there.

The smell. THE SMELL!!

When I tell other people I won't eat there because of the smell they look at me like I'm nuts. I can't be the only one though...EVERY Subway I've ever been to - in whatever state - has smelled the same.

Why?? For a place that focuses on "fresh" ingredients, what is making that smell?? I don't even know how to describe it other than: ick!

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  1. I totally agree! I can smell a Subway from far away. Is it the yeast or something in the bread that they bake? Its pretty distinctive and strong.

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      In our neighborhood there is a Togo's/Baskin-Robbins combo. My wife refuses to go in there (except under dire need for a mint choclate chip fix) because the smell of the Togo's just ruins her taste for ice cream. The Togo's smell does remind me of Subway. Not sure it's the bread, but there IS a definite smell to all those sandwich places.

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        Oh no I wonder if they'll be spin off threads about the smells of
        Just tell me this does it smell like mediocrity,thats the only good answer i've heard for Subways smell.

    2. Ugh...I worked in a shop next to a Subway for a while and every day I walked out of there smelling like Subway. I can't even think about eating it now.

      1. It's that horrible bread. I call it "air bread". And their soda tastes like bubble gum.

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          It's the bread?!? Really?? Lordy be as the saying go....never smelled anything like that at a bakery thank goodness!

        2. I think it's something in the bread. But not a good bakery smell which I normally enjoy. I totally know what you mean.

          I can't eat at Subway ever since my honeymoon when we stopped for lunch there on the way to go reef fishing. Tiny town in the Florida Keys with few options. Nearly everyone on the boat got sea sick. I can't even think about their sandwiches without feeling queasy. No big loss.

          1. My boyfriend refuses to eat there for that same reason.

            I find it oddly comforting. [weird, i know]