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Jun 28, 2007 01:02 PM

We want to try something new and funky

Any suggestions in lower westchester for some good ethnic eats -- not fancy, and almost anything will do. Has anyone explored the Brazilian restaurants around Johnny's Pizzaria in New Rochelle?
What about Mexican, Korean or Indian locally?

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  1. look at yonkers yahala. valley pollo in tarrytown- yum!do a search for korean worth your while in westchester. drive to 93rd and amsterdam to saigon grill and relish in geat, cheap and lovely atmosphere!

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    1. re: yeshana

      Saigon Grill is not that good, and definitely not worth a trek all the way from Westchester unless you are madly craving any kind of Vietnamese, in which case I'd rather go to New Pasteur or Nha Trang or any other place in Chinatown.

      1. re: jeanki

        first time i've heard a negative word about them. chinatown is out for a quick fix of vietnamese.too much of a schlep! many share my opinion. sorry that you don't.

    2. El Tio in Port Chester. Very casual, lots of locals and the best pork soft tacos. They also have a great shrimp and avocado app.

      1. New Rochelle has some rockin mexican food. Here's a post that details quite a few of them.

        But for starters, I'd try out the Mexican Corner Restaurant or Little Mexican Cafe. If the spit is running at little mexican cafe, get the al pastor tacos. You'd notice it as soon as you walk in. Usually running lunch time.

        Good luck!

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        1. re: adamclyde

          Adamclyde, we had a disappointing experience in LMC yesterday for late breakfast/early lunch. Corner was closed - it was July 4th and looking back we should have tried one of the others we haven't been to yet. Anyway, the food was ok but the pastor was not good this time. In the past, perfect but yesterday very fatty - I mean giant pieces of fat without meat, the meat was not crisp, not thinly sliced as in Mexico and last time but rather chunky long strips.

          Recently, someone posted about being unhappy with the al pastor at LMC and I quickly chimed in in dissent. Can't find that post for the life of me. I now though must say that either we both hit on bad days or they've gone seriously downhill. The other food - huevos rancheros, chorizo torta was okay but service was painfully slow and simple requests like water refills weren't met at all.

          We will continue with Corner and try Michoacan next, maybe Herradura too but not heading back to corner any time soon. : (

          1. re: laylag

            you know, if it wasn't thinly sliced, then it probalby wasn't spit roasted at all. And if that's the case then I agree, it's just not worth going there for tacos, when michoacano and others are arround. My guess (or maybe my hope) is that they are still running the spit most lunch times. Let's hope they haven't turned it off completely or we've lost the only spit roasted al pastor in Westchester/FF counties. I'll be in mourning!

            I've still never tried La Herradura. Please do report back if you try it out. Taqueria El Chino is a total dive too, but I had great carnitas tacos there once. I only went the one time, though...

            1. re: adamclyde

              When we ordered I asked the waitress, in my passable Spanish, if the pastor was on the spit and she assured me it was but I didn't witness it myself so can't say for sure but the meat didn't look it. Will give Michoacan and El Chino a try. Just wish there were a few more places with tghe really good authentic food but an atmosphere conducive to hanging around a while, maybe having drinks too. Seems can't get both in one space.

        2. Try Nessa in Port Chester... its really good Italian with a focus on their appetizers! (bruschetta and sandwiches) but their entrees are also delicious. For Indian, also in Port Chester is my favorite Tandoori. For Korean, i go to Kang Suh in Yonkers on Central Ave. Enjoy!

          1. do you want traditional ethnic eats or new and funky. You might want to try Zafran in yonkers for indian fusion.