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Jun 28, 2007 12:53 PM

anniversary spot near laurel, md

My husband and I will be visiting family in Laurel, MD next week. Where can we go to enjoy a good dinner (and the rare treat of eager babysitters)? Pasta Plus is the only good place I know in Laurel. We're willing to go as far as Annapolis. It's for an anniversary, so pricey places are OK as long as the food is good. We're pretty open to cuisine - seafood, ethnic.

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  1. If you are willing to go as far as Annapolis, you might as well go to DC or Rockville or Columbia, etc. To be honest, Prince George County is not a hotbed of good restaurants unfortunately.

    You might also consider Le Mannequin Pis in Olney, especially if you like mussels.

    Cafe de Paris in Columbia is excellent.

    Il Pizzico in Rockville is quite nice, excellent food and reasonably priced.

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      I'd consider Annapolis (the Parole area) as well. Les Folies is on the western edge of the area, near where I-97 intersects with Route 50. Less than a 30 minute drive from Laurel via Route 32.

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        Tersiguel's in Ellicott City is also great, in addition to dinwiddie's suggestions. But honestly, if you're in Laurel, you're so close to DC by car or metro, the list becomes endless if you're willing to hop in the city. Palena would be my choice there, of course.

      2. Is King's Contrivance in Columbia still around? And, if so, is it stillgood? I haven't been there in years, but I always had great meals there.

        1. Have you looked at some of the places in Fulton, off 216? I liked Trapeze and I understand the steakhouse there is pretty good.

          1. I would vote against Le Mannequin Pis for an anniversary dinner. The tables are too crowded together and not conducive to anniversary type talk. We love Il Pizzico but they don't take reservations so I would opt out of that. Certainly consider O'Leary's in Annapolis. It has style, great food and is always a fun night.

            1. Hi there,

              Those folks who think there's nothing good in the Laurel area need to get out more. I too love Pasta Plus. Just a little further south in Elkridge you'll find a gem of a restaurant called The Furnace Inn. They have received recognition from both Food and Wine magazine and Wine Spectator, and they aren't as pricey as what you'll find in Annapolis. Here's the link :

              I went there on New Year's Eve for a special celebration and everything from the food to the service was top notch....and prices were what I expected...not crazy, but not cheap.

              Happy Anniversary!