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Has the carving station opened yet? web site says coming soon sounds like a great new place

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  1. Not yet. I walked by yesterday, and they looked like they would be opening any day though. There were numerous staff inside, making final touches. Deli slicers were set up behind the front counter, chalk boards behind the counter mostly had items written on them, looked like they were arranging some tables and chairs, etc.

    1. Man, haven't even heard about this place. Mostly lunch/counter service, I assume?

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        Yes, I don't think there's much table room (it used to be a small Copy Cop); seems more counter-oriented - it's on Tremont in front of One Beacon.


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          wow. nothing on the menu for less than $7.

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            Not quite - a roast beef sandwich without cheese is $6.50, ham (ditto) $6.00. Read down to the bottom of the menu.

      2. Today is their official opening. A friend dropped by yesterday during their extra-soft opening for friends and family for lunch and had a pulled pork, said it was so-so (no elaboration).

        I just picked up a reuben from there - the corned beef is OK, the sauerkraut tasted off, having a slight sharp bitterness in one or two of the bites. The rye bread was also not right - slightly stale and far too hard to chew threw the crust. Russian dressing was fine. Sandwich came with half or dozen or so large pita chips that had excellent crunch but were incredibly salty to the point where I am still tasting the burn from the salt as I type this, 20 minutes after eating them. No free pickle with sandwich.

        Coworker picked up a 'Day After', basically a Turkey Cobb sandwich - sliced roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy - he was thoroughly unimpressed, said gravy and turkey was flavorless and felt the same about the pita chips.
        Overall, sandwich does not compare to the likes of Sam Lagrassa's at the same price point.

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          I'm dubious whenever a place says, like on their website, something on the order of "We visited (insert multiple authentic food locations here) to study their methods, and bring you the best, etc, blah, blah.

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            Dropped by for lunch there last Friday and had the Turkey Reuben. The coleslaw was bitter. I had the same experience with the rye bread -- very, very dry. It was difficult to eat the sandwich... (or sandwhich as printed on the board).

            The "chips" that are included in the meal were terrible. Oversalted and way overspiced.....

            Back to Sam LaGrassa's - they make an excellent sandwich!

          2. I just had their Roast Chicken sandwich and I am definitely not impressed! I stick to the easy, basic stuff--stuff that's hard to goof up when I try a new place to see if they can do it properly. The 'remoulade' was nothing more than plain mayonnaise--hoards of it! So much so that I felt like eating Chicken Salad sandwich. The bread was o.k but the chicken had too much cartilage for my licking. As noted earlier by someone, pita chips were too salty.

            The deal breaker: for $7.88, I had anticipated a pickle; no EXPECTED a pickle! But I found none.

            Sorry to offer such a scathing review but while I am at it, someone please tell them that their 'bread-and-butter', their business, their rai·son d'être, the sandwich is not spelled 'sandwhich'.

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              I just looked at their website. They charge $2.00 for pickles. I think I'll keep going to Whole Foods for my Panini...

            2. For those prices, to have that measly bread and cheese selection is not an omen of greatness....

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                There must be some regulation in Boston that requires Financial District eateries to suck.

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                  Sultan's Kitchen was and remains the exception.

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                    I see this place is connected to Pressed Sandwiches..which I've always felt was overpriced..so I'm not surprised.

                    There are some good financial district places I do like..Sam La Grassa's, Sultan's Kitchen, Viga, Pace, Good Life, Sakura Bana, Chacarero, Pizzeria Rico(good turkey..Thurs only)

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                      You are, of course, correct, although I will point out that I do not consider Sam La Grassa's or Chacarero technically to be in the Financial District!

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                        I don't think they are in the financial district either; but they're closer to it than the Carving Station...which is what I thought this thread was originally about.

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                          I've always liked the food at Milk St. Cafe, which is definitely in the Financial District.

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                          Speaking of Sam's - I hadn't been in a while, but E picked up a couple of sandwiches today for lunch (we were planning on gyros, but Mediterraneo was out by 3:00). I'm glad we did. I had such a great sandwich. It's new to me - under the grilled sandwiches. It's a pressed sandwich on their seeded bun called a "Chipotle Pastrami" and is pastrami layered with cheese and coleslaw, with chipotle honey mustard. Delicious.


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                            Sam LaGrassa's

                            Sam Lagrassa's
                            44 Province St, Boston, MA 02108

                    2. Wow i had a completely different experience than most, I dont know if its a "working out the kinks situation" but the sandwiches i have had there were fantastic. Much better than Lagrassa's, which taste's like every other place dry and boring like subway. The sides and delicious and the chips were just right. The price is a little higher than most in the area but well worth it.

                      1. Gave this spot a try not too long ago and like many here was not very impressed. Got a "turkey reuben" with a side of baked beans.

                        First off, my impression of a reuben is that it's grilled so the cheese melts. This didn't happen -- it was a cold turkey and cheese sandwich with stuff added. In general, the sandwich was blah and very dry -- turkey, swiss, and Russian dressing were OK, but they used cole slaw instead of sauerkraut (cole slaw didn't have much flavor). Worst part was the bread, a light rye that was cut much too thick and was dry and crumbly -- it wasn't stale, but the bread split and fell apart during eating.

                        The beans looked promising, cooked with bacon and molasses in what seemed reminiscent of the old fashioned Yankee type that places like Durgin Park serve. They actually didn't taste too bad. But the beans themselves were quite al dente despite having split marks in their centers, and I'm not OK with crunchy beans for this dish.

                        Two other problems as well.

                        The only option for seating is limited to a small amount of counter space, and the wood stools were uncomfortable.

                        Also, their menu is listed on a series of small blackboards in the restaurant. One board contains two entries, a "Cleaver Classic" (a big sandwich with several meats, cheeses, and toppings that costs $9.25, about $1.75 more than most of their offerings) and right below that, a "Cleaver Meal" (listed as "choice of sandwich, 1 side, and fountain beverage") for $11.25. Listed like this, one above the other on that particular small board, and given the names attached, the implication is that this is a "meal deal" that includes the Cleaver Classic, 1 side, and drink. Er, no. According to the cashier, that's one of the $7.50 price range sandwiches, 1 side, and a drink, which given the price of sides and drink is not a bargain at all. I found it very confusing, and this is in fact very easily fixed: keep the "Cleaver Classic" name for the big sandwich and call the so-called-meal-deal the "Carver Meal" or something similar, leaving the word "cleaver" out of it altogether.

                        No thanks.

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                          Oh yeah, forgot -- the sandwich had what were likely homemade pita chips on the side. These had an odd burnt taste and varied from crisp to soggy. Left the majority of them on the plate.

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                            I recently had the aforementioned Roast Chicken sandwich. I think (seriously) it was served on Wonder Bread.