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Jun 28, 2007 12:43 PM

The Swanky side of Venice.

I am going to Venice for 5 days with some friends. Many of the suggestionsI have reviewed are for inexpensive, moderate priced meals which is great for most of the time, however, this is a special trip and we do want to splurge once or twice. Good food being the high priority of course, what would be a heartstopping, elegant, refined, yet crowded and not too hushed kind of a place where we could dress up and not feel out of place in fancy clothes for a true mix of great food, stylish but not Paris Hilton trendy people, fun atmosphere, and a long dinner with our friends? If you know New York, what would be the La Grenouille of Venice? Any ideas?

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  1. If you are looking for Michelin stars, try the Met at the Metropole Hotel - La Grenouille looks kinda old school to me(I don't mean it in a bad way - I will go there next time I'm in town...thanks for the's always good to have an excuse to go!). I haven't read great things - but I think if I was in Venice longer, I am intrigued by l'Avogaria.

    Do let us know what you end up deciding! When do you go? I am in Venice for just a short time, with the first night still undecided...maybe Osteria da Carla. We have a reservation the second night at Vini da Gigio, as I wanted something a little more traditional (whatever that is anyways), but with fish. Going to try to fit in some cichetti before-hand...hope we are hungry!

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      La Grenouille is REALLY old school which is kind of what I want rather than new and trendy Those suggestions are very helpful. Thanks so much.

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        I checked out reviews for Vini da Gigio on tripadvisor and in some other places and everyone raves. It is definitely on MY list. Thank you, Linda

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          I wouldn't call Vini da Gigio swanky but it's good and you can definitely splash out on wine if you like. It gets crowded and has a nice bustling feel.

        2. How about da Fiore?

          There is a great article in the New York Times this weekend you might want to check out.

          Sounds like some of the places in the article might be what you are looking for.

          1. Fiaschetteria Toscana is my choice. Impeccable seafood with formal but not stiff service. Great wine list and the best cheese cart I have had.