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Red Sox Wines

I keep seeing the ads for the Red Sox wines in the Improper, and I really want to get them for my dad's birthday. The website says they've shipped and should be in stores now. Has anyone seen them anywhere?


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  1. I have not seen them in any stores, but a local pub has the manny and the curt- don't know why they passed on Wake! I will be looking for them at the liquor stores this weekend, as a close friend of mine is a sox fanatic- the bar in his game room is a cutom made shrine to the sox, so I know he would like the bottles for display. I would imagine they are at most of the chain type liquor stores by now.

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      I saw them at Federal Wine and Spirits, 29 State Street.

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        Both locations of The Wine Emporium in the South End have them. They've even put Shilling Shardonnay in the chiller for the impulse buyers.

        I asked them what they thought. They hadn't tried them. Didn't seem too interested either.

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          The glob today said they were all but sold out????

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            I bought them Friday afternoon in North Reading, and there were lots of bottles on display.

        2. I have seen all of them in a liquor store near my house. Rt.122 in Northbridge at Friendly Discount Liquors, they are a large liquor store carrying almost any wine you are looking for at great prices. It is in a plaza across from McDonald's. Not sure what they were but I seen three, the ones I remember were Wakefield, Manny Ramirez, and I think Shilling ?

          1. Kappy's at Wellington in Medford had all three last Saturday with free tasting and 3/$30 -- Manny Merlot and Schilling Shard are both serviceable -- Wakefield Caberknuckle is surprisingly good for the price -- and there's a charity piece -- decent value, decent product -- will buy again if available!

            1. The liquor store in Porter Square (next to Shaw's) had them earlier this week.

              1. the Wine Press on Beacon St.in Brookline has them

                1. I saw them at Julio's Liquors out in Westborough.

                  Gotta try the "Manny being Merlot" :)

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                    I just bought all three at East Gate Liquors in North Reading. Last night i aksed my friendly bartender how the merlot was, and was nice enough to give me a taste it. It was lighter than a nouvea beaujolais! I bought it for a friend, who is die hard sox fan. I think it may be plonk, but it IS for a good cause, and he will surely use it to decorate his red sox bar/game room.

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                      Where is the East Gate Liquors in N. Reading? I imagine Route 62??

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                        It is on rte 28- across the street from DD, and the Lobster Claw- corner of 28 and Park STreet. If you get up there, there is some good chow at the Lobster Claw, and some great pizza at Mario's- which is in the same plaza as East Gate Liquors. Another point of reference- it is less than a mile south of Wal Mart

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                          If you are coming north on 93 - take the Concord Street exit- right at the end of the ramp, and follow Park Street- at the stop sign, bear right and route 28 is just a few blocks. Also- right before the stop sign on PArk street is a turkey farm- can't rememer the name, but they have good turkey tips. The butcher shop is in the basement of the house. You can make a chow outing!

                  2. The Red Sox wines are all over town. Just about any place should have em. These wines retail for $11.99 each... and for each bottle a donation is made to the player's designated charity. Think of these wines as collectibles for the Red Sox fan. Don't plan on buying them to drink the WINE in the bottle... Without the Red Sox and charity angle it would be about as good as 2 buck chuck. The retailers Ive spoken to say that sales have been slow.

                    Here are some other ideas they might consider...

                    MannyShevitz... Kosher Shiraz
                    Alex Cornas
                    St. Julian Tavarez Bordeaux
                    Matt Pape Clement
                    Chateauneuf du Papelbon

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                      Hee hee! MannyShevitz. I'd buy that for sure!

                      This is a great idea....I'm glad the Sox are doing this. Maybe other teams will start something like this, too (perhaps they could use a special cork for the Sammy Sosa wine).

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                        Agree on all points- except I paid just under $10.00 per bottle- and bought for a die hard sox fan. And- you may be stretching it when you say it is as good as 2 buck chuck!! I have only tasted the Merlot, and it was pretty weak.

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                              CDPapi .. great one!

                              The "list price" is 11.99, which is what most places sell it for. There are some places selling it for $10 (lowest I've seen). Point Im making is (guess it's obvious) don't buy this wine to actually drink, there are much better wines for the money... it's a wine to buy for the Red Sox fan. I guess you can drink it and save the bottle, but that's not as nice for display as a full bottle. The wine in the bottle is JUNK.

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                                I just went looking for them and thought they were the basicly the same price. Liquor World in Franklin has them for 13.99. Why so much??

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                                  Thats high. The price should be 11.99... lowest price Ive seen is $10.

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                            What bars/pubs have them in town?

                            DaisGamay? ChamPena? A Cabernet Francona?

                            Maybe SF could name a sherry or a port or a Thunderbird after Barry Bonds. (har har, a fortified wine).

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                              I concur - look but don't drink - we got the Schilling Schardonnay - it was pretty bad!! It was very harsh - it made me grimace when I tasted it! We got it at Lank's All Star Liquors in Hyde Park for $10.95. But my brother, a big Sox fan, loved the bottle!

                            2. Bought one today at S & M Liquor on Water Street in Wakefield. They still had a very good selection there. I got the Wakefield one as I always root for him.

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                                I saw the display at Rostron's Liquors in Methuen, MA - they had quite a few bottles - I believe they were 9.99.

                                Rostron's Package Store
                                38 Hampshire St, Methuen, MA
                                (978) 682-9783

                              2. They are at Kappy's on Route 1 in Saugus and in the Peabody location too. Bought a couple but haven't tried them yet. Probably will keep them for the novelty factor.

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                                  Remember. This is a wine to look at... not drink.

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                                    Silly me...I drank the Schilling Chardonnay. well, 1 couple swallows anyways. That stuff is BAD!

                                    Agree with above...look, but don't drink. And consider it a nice donation to charity.

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                                      Maybe it just needs to age. You know, for 86 years or so.

                                2. Costco in Avon (the only one in the area I know of that sells liquor, I hope there are others) has them.