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Jun 28, 2007 12:39 PM

Red Sox Wines

I keep seeing the ads for the Red Sox wines in the Improper, and I really want to get them for my dad's birthday. The website says they've shipped and should be in stores now. Has anyone seen them anywhere?

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  1. I have not seen them in any stores, but a local pub has the manny and the curt- don't know why they passed on Wake! I will be looking for them at the liquor stores this weekend, as a close friend of mine is a sox fanatic- the bar in his game room is a cutom made shrine to the sox, so I know he would like the bottles for display. I would imagine they are at most of the chain type liquor stores by now.

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      I saw them at Federal Wine and Spirits, 29 State Street.

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        Both locations of The Wine Emporium in the South End have them. They've even put Shilling Shardonnay in the chiller for the impulse buyers.

        I asked them what they thought. They hadn't tried them. Didn't seem too interested either.

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          The glob today said they were all but sold out????

          1. re: Small Plates

            I bought them Friday afternoon in North Reading, and there were lots of bottles on display.

        2. I have seen all of them in a liquor store near my house. Rt.122 in Northbridge at Friendly Discount Liquors, they are a large liquor store carrying almost any wine you are looking for at great prices. It is in a plaza across from McDonald's. Not sure what they were but I seen three, the ones I remember were Wakefield, Manny Ramirez, and I think Shilling ?

          1. Kappy's at Wellington in Medford had all three last Saturday with free tasting and 3/$30 -- Manny Merlot and Schilling Shard are both serviceable -- Wakefield Caberknuckle is surprisingly good for the price -- and there's a charity piece -- decent value, decent product -- will buy again if available!

            1. The liquor store in Porter Square (next to Shaw's) had them earlier this week.

              1. the Wine Press on Beacon Brookline has them