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Jun 28, 2007 12:23 PM

Jambalaya Lovers (Fire On The East Side)

I love Jambalaya and have never had good Jambalaya in Toronto until last evening when I went to "Fire On The East Side" Yum-E.. Definately the best I've had in Toronto so far. They have 3 levels of heat and I ordered the hot. Let me warn you, the hot is extremely hot and may be unbearable for some. Very hearty with a nice amount of chicken, andouille & shrimp. Set me back $18 and price seemed reasonable for the quality and portion size.

As far as the restaurant goes. Place is very sleak, modern decour, candles on tables with some house music playing at a comfortable level in the background. They have a decent sized patio in the front. 25-35 hip crowd with a mix of straight and gay.

I'd definately go back and especially for the Jambalaya.

If anyone else has any good suggestions for places to eat some good Jambalaya/Cajun/Creole type foods I would love to hear it.

Here is a link to their website...

Place is @ Yonge/Glocester... just south of Bloor


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  1. Also good for weekend brunch. The Eastside Western sandwich and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are yummy.

    1. Three of us went to Fire on the East Side for dinner last winter and we really enjoyed it. It is a neat little place and the food seemed to be above average. I agree the decor is nice, service was friendly, and the prices were pretty reasonable. They also have good drink specials. The restaurant is attached to a nightclub reminiscent of the gay steel mill on the Simpon's, which you have to walk through to get to the bathrooms. Everybody dance now!

      For Cajun/Creole, I can recommend Southern Accent on Markham St. near Bloor & Bathurst. This place has been a consistent favourite for years.

      Many people on this board have also recommended Cajun Corner on Queen E in Leslieville, though I've never tried it because it's not in my area and I believe they only do take-away.

      1. We have really enjoyed New Orleans Cajun Desire on Avenue Road, just south of the 401, the west side. Across from a Bruno's I think. We loved their shrimp dishes, the BBQ style especially, which is not what we expect here as being "BBQ". It was really excellent.