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Jun 28, 2007 12:03 PM

East-coast Style Pizza

So, as much as I love Chicago-style pizza, I miss the kind of pizza that's easily found in NY or Boston. I'm looking for thin-crust, the kind that you can just fold over in half and eat. I don't need anything fancy, just a place to grab a good slice. Any suggestions?


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  1. Pizza-Ria is supposed to be NY style, but I don't really have anything to compare it to so I can't say how authentic it is.

    There is also Piece and Coalfire, both of which serve New Haven style pizza, I'll let you guess which one uses a coal oven. The pies at Piece are pretty good, but I have not made it to Coalfire yet. www.piecechicago. Can't find a webpage for coalfire.

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      I've not been yet, but I am dying to try out Coal Fire on grand. For more detail (and pics) go here:

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        and I'll let *you* decide the merits of eating anything from the egregiously-named Pizza-Ria

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          Gigios in Uptown on Broadway, right under the EL is one the best, you'll think you went to Brooklyn...

          For a much "safer" feel, the Giggio's on Davis St in Evanston should easily satisfy your desires as well.

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            Gigio's has great New York pizza. It's a little too greasy, but other than that is pretty darn close.

            Piece does a decent New Haven style if that is what you're looking for, although it is nowhere close to the real thing.

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            I second Piece Brewery - great pizza co-owned by a Boston University alum and the guitarist from Cheap Trick. I make a special trip to Wicker Park once in awhile just to get my fix for East Coast pizza. It also has a great selection of beers, which they brew themselves. Lively atmosphere too.

          3. Cafe Luigi on Clark south of Wrightwood. Closest slices to NYC in Chicago

            1. Santullo's on North, just off of Damen/Milwaukee. Really worth it if you hit them happy hour 4-6, m-f for $2.00 slices. They also have fine bread pudding:)

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                Santullo's is perhaps one of the most variable restaurants I've ever eaten in. Sometimes the service from the folks behind the counter is awesome, sometimes it's awful. Sometimes the pizza is very good, sometimes it's terrible. I work half a block away, so I'm there far more often than I should be.

                It tends to generally fall in the middle on both counts, but if I was looking for NY style pizza, I'd go to Gigio's or Cafe Luigi, for sure. Santullo's is just too much of a wildcard.

              2. Strangely enough, I have read many great reviews of the pizza place in the Mobil station on N. Halsted St. just north of Division St. I have never had the pleasure, but the posters spoke highly of it as a New York-style, by-the-slice take out place.