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Jun 28, 2007 11:27 AM

Fried Green Tomatoes

Looking for easy/good recipes - thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a recipe for fried green tomatoes in Food&Wine which looks very good to me:

    1. I love them so much, I make them ALL the time - which is bad for me. So I've started baking them. Slice normally, soak in buttermilk or egg wash. Then, dredge in mix of regular bread crumbs and panko, plus whatever spices you like (salt and pepper, of course, but I like a little cayenne and thyme in here, maybe paprika or chili powder). Then, I place on a baking rack and bake until they're crispy on the outside but still have some firmness inside. They're not bad, not bad at all. All sorts of sauces are great here.

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        What temperature do you bake them at?

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          Pretty hot, 400-450. I really don't like the inside to get totally cooked, because then you have mushy tomatoes, so high heat allows me to get the outside cooked and crispy while leaving that nice resistance in the middle.

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            Thanks! I will definitely be trying this soon.

      2. not to sound stupid - and to sort of hijack with an additional question ... this is my first year planting tomatoes.

        How early does one pick them? As in, how small can they be?

        I don't particularly like tomatoes (love salsa, only do red sauce once a month or so, can tolerate brushetta); thus, my plan is lots of salsa and lots of fried green tomatoes. Of course, they're flourishing more than anything else in the garden.

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          I think it's best to let them get quite big. Otherwise, they are unmanageably small. Wait until they are just ready to begin to redden up ... you'll see the pink starting to show "under" the skin. Then pick. They may even be reddish in the middle, around the seeds. I like them that way because they've begun to sweeten as well.

        2. An old-fashioned treat is fried green tomatoes with milk gravy. Mix 1/4 c brown sugar with 1/2 cup fine (not panko) dried bread crumbs, preferably homemade, salt and pepper. Fry gently in a few tablespoons of butter, about 5 minutes each side for a 1/2" tomato slice. Remove and keep warm. Sprinkle 2 T flour in the pan you cooked the tomatoes in, gradually add 1 cup whole milk, stirring, to form a nice gravy.