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Jun 28, 2007 11:21 AM

Relaxed Restaurants on Polk Street or Filmore?

Looking for a tasty/interesting spot for dinner with a buddy. I live in Cole Valley, he wants to escape Cow Hollow so we've decided on the Nob Hill-ish area.

Ideally somewhere with minimal drama, mid-range prices and, most importantly, great grub.

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  1. I think that Luella could be right up your's on Hyde and Green. Parking is really tough though, so I'd suggest public transit or a cab.

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    1. re: christineb

      they were and may still be doing a three-course prix-fixe menu mon-thur. I think it's 30.00 per person.

    2. Antica Trattoria. Fine Italian food, warm and friendly service.

      1. some of my nob hill faves:

        Italian style tapas and seafood - Polk btw Vallejo and Green

        Ristorante Milano
        fantastic homemade pasta - Pacific btw Hyde and Larkin

        I've heard great things about Tablespoon, right down the street from Pesce

        1. Street is good. Very casual, mostly pub food. Gnocchi with housemade sausage is great.

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          1. re: Chris Rising

            I second Pesce. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and had some excellent reasonably priced italian seafood dishes. Dont miss the black olive gnocchi, and definitely get a couple oyster shooters. They are so fresh and delicious. The place is on the smaller side, great staff, lively, but not too loud, and a mellow crowd.

            There are a couple more restaurants on that street that also look really good...I think already mentioned above.

            I also really enjoy the Elite Cafe on fillmore st. It is a cajun inspired menu, and very goog. They have amazing "home made" sodas and cocktails (actually so does Pesce now that I think about it) and the best deviled eggs I have ever had. I've been there for dinner and brunch, and go back regularly for the special treats on their menu.

            1. re: luckygrlllll

              I second the Elite Cafe if you're looking at Fillmore. The homemade ginger ale is delicious, and the biscuits are really wonderful. Good for brunch, too, if you don't make it this time.

          2. Tajine. Low key Moroccan on Polk near Pine. No alcohol last time I was there, but okay to bring a bottle of wine.