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Jun 28, 2007 11:06 AM

Looking for meal suggestions for no dairy, eggs, or gluten eater

I have a friend coming for six days next week who has a host of food restrictions. I'm looking for meal suggestions. She can't eat any dairy, eggs, most beans, or gluten, and needs a pretty high-protein diet.

The extremely complicated part (even worse) is that I'm pregnant and nauseous, and can't do a lot of cooking. I'm looking for easy throw-together meals, or fridge or pantry staples for the time she's here. I'm heavily dependent right now on bread, eggs, and dairy, and feeding someone without them is a puzzle. Any suggestions welcome, especially breakfast- how do you feed someone breakfast without gluten, bread, eggs, or dairy?!

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  1. Many stores here, but especially health food stores or Whole Foods has a waffle called Van's (TJs also has them under their own label). They are gluten, egg and dairy free and not too bad. They have 5 g. of protein, and some fiber. You toast them (there may be issues with cross-contamination - ask your friend) and can top with fruit. I often just puree a peach and put it on top, or cook some apricots in the microwave and toss with cut up fruit, but you can make a simple blueberry topping with frozen blueberries in the microwave (with cornstarch and sweetener if you prefer). That would be very easy for you. They are not cheap, but a good time saver.

    In fact if you head to whole foods you can get a lot of premade GF things, including some mixes.

    Other ideas for breakfast is buckwheat porridge, GF oats (check to make sure she eats them - we use McCann's), or rice porridge. Make it with Soy Milk or Almond milk. There are also a bunch of GF cereals on the market too.

    Chicken breast assuming she eats meat. If not tofu - marinade in soy sauce vinegar ginger and hoisin sauce (make sure it is GF). You can grill or stick in your favorite stirfry. Quinoa is super easy to put together in a salad and doesn't require a lot of cooking. You dress with your favorite vinegrette and put in dried fruit and nuts. Quinoa is high in protein.

    1. sounds like steak & salads & roasted potatoes or rice, or roast chicken, or most other roasted meats. Simply prepared veggies such as spinach, zucchini, etc., sauteed in olive oil with some garlic and S&P are also an option.

      Check with health food stores in your area for gluten-free breads; they may be kept in the freezer case.

      1. We also have a close friend with most of these same allergies. His favorites are the pasta dishes we prepare. We use rice pasta when available, corn pasta if not. Follow the package cooking directions to the letter, otherwise you'll have a soggy mess. Then prepare like any other pasta -- tomato sauce, fresh veggies, chicken or ground beef, a viniagrette -- the possibilities are endless. You can also get rice cheese at most major stores now. We usually keep rice parmesean that sprinkles on hand (it keeps for a long time) and rice mozzarella that's sold in a block just when he's visiting. A special treat is when we make lasagne, something he rarely gets anywhere else.

        When he visited a few weeks ago I showed him we had the ingredients for cinnamon toast (gluten free spelt bread, soy margarine and cinnamon sugar). He had that everyday for breakfast.

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          Tinkyada is my favorite GF pasta, least likely to get mushy, but even if you go with it watch it closely. It turns from very crunchy to mush very quickly!

          Please also note that most celiac patients do not eat spelt. It is not gluten free and is on the list of "no" foods from most respected organizations. Your health food store may have some locally made breads if you want (warning the price tag will be high). there are other more commonly available brands, I don't care for, but my son who was dxed at 2 doesn't seem to mind - he likes the rice, almond bread.

          If you are confused about what is gluten free, the second page of this brochure is consise:

        2. Your friend probably has a breakfast routine. You can ask her about it. Maybe even go food shopping together.

          Staples to have on hand:
          Bags of salad, a couple of rotisserie chickens*.
          Tunafish (I sometimes eat tuna salad for breakfast)
          Frozen, cooked shrimp. Cocktail sauce
          Potatoes & rice are OK. Maybe consider making a potato or rice salad ahead of time
          Sweet potatoes
          A couple of nice steaks
          If you have a grill, kabobs with rice could be a fun meal

          *I think some flavored rotisserie chickens may use ingredients that contain gluten. I know soy sauce DOES contain gluten.

          Once you get together, you two will probably have fun going food shopping together and preparing meals together. You won't be on your own to come up with things.

          1. For breakfast: Pamelas (no realtion to me!) Gluten Free pancake mix- very yummy.
            You can also find lots of GF cereals at Whole Foods, etc... I love just a big bowl of seasonal fruit- maybe fancy it up with honey and nuts.
            Lots of good suggestions above.
            Rice, potatos, polenta. Chicken, fish, pork. Veggies, fruits.
            The biggest issue might be gluten contamination in you kitchen. Be sure to scrub the grill, if you use it and don't dip into the mayo jar, sugar bowl, peanut butter, if there is a possibility that a flour contaminated spoon, knife, or scoop has been in there.

            you are a good friend!
            good luck,