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Jun 28, 2007 11:05 AM

Gelato in Charlotte???

Anyone know where we can get some decent gelato in or around town? They used to have it at Dean & DeLuca/Stonecrest but no more. Now they only carry the prepackaged stuff at Phillips Place. Help!

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  1. There is a place called Mia Gelato at Birkdale Village in Huntersville. I haven't been in to try it myself, but there's usually a decent gathering at the tables just outside.

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    1. re: concordcourtney

      I second that suggestion. Their gelato is great.

      1. re: amykw21

        The last time I was there (maybe 9 months ago) they told me that they no longer make gelato. Have they brought it back?

        1. re: brentk

          It's no longer specifically a gelato place. But they still serve gelato. I splurged on a rather expensive but delicious gelato dessert at lunch there in May. (That's what I get for going to lunch when I'm ticked off at my boss and need to cheer myself up. It helped.)

      2. I've noticed the "Ciao Bella" brand of gelato at both the Earth Fare and the new gourmet specialty shop across the street near Vintage Wine Cellars (behind Sticky Fingers on Johnston Rd.)

        We used that brand years ago at a restaurant in CT and I can only assume it's still a quality product. It's made in the traditional style. I still think part of the fun of gelato is getting a hald dozen flavors in a fancy to-go container as they do in Italy but we've got to live with what we've got. Besides, a tray of gelato won't travel very well in the heat of a Charlotte summer.

        For immediate consumption, Dolce is still tops.

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          I agree w/ you... the fun is in the mixing. Last time I was "back home" in PA I had cabernet gelato mixed w/ zabaglione-flavored gelato. Whoa. Thanks to everyone who posted. I guess for now I'll head on over to Earth Fare to tide me over until I can get to Dolce.

          1. re: lynnlato

            No more gelato at Dean and DeLuca? That was the best thing about the place. Our favorite mixture was chocolate, orange and zabaglione. Mmmm, gelato.

          2. re: BDM1

            FYI, I did pick up some pistachio gelato @ Earthfare and it satisfied my craving. Thanks again. They only had two flavors so I'll have check out the gourmet shop across the street that you mentioned. Thanks again.

          3. Mia Gelato in Birkdale (Huntersville) is awesome. Not only does the gelato taste great, but it is presented artistically and professionally as well. I asked what they used as sweetener (I'm wary of cheap corn syrup). They use real sugar. They also have other treats, and even lunch items, but the gelato takes center stage. I'm going to go pick up a couple take-out pints today.

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            1. re: drkahaynes

              Another vote for Mia Gelato in Birkdale. I have to admit to being a gelato snob (b/c nothing seems to compare to gelato in Italy) but this place does a good job!

            2. If you're not interested in paying Dolce prices, or feel weird ordering dessert alone, you can go over to Luisa's; the gelato-making apparatus is actually located there.