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Jun 28, 2007 10:54 AM

Two Golds For 'Two-Buck'

Two Golds For 'Two-Buck'
Charles Shaw's $1.99 chardonnay wins top prize at Cal Expo competition

"Two-Buck Chuck" is used to beating competitors in price, but now it appears it has beaten rivals in taste, winning bragging rights to best California chardonnay at the state fair's commercial wine competition.

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  1. Not surprising, given the circumstances . . .

    1. These lines from the OP's link should be somehow part of the history of the decline and fall of civilization, or somewhere along those lines:

      Cook and a friend, Randall Jahn of Santa Rosa, said they have held brown-bag tastings at dinner parties and Charles Shaw chardonnay does well against wines priced at $50-$100 a bottle.

      "It's a mental thing," Jahn said.

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      1. re: RicRios

        What are the odds there wasn't a single Montrachet, Corton-Charlemagne, grand cru Chablis, St-Aubin or even Brun Beaujolais blanc in those brown bag tastings? I don't have trouble imagining Charles Shaw chardonnay showing well against Cal chards costing ten times as much. However, that doesn't necessarily mean Charles Shaw chardonnay is so great; it might also mean that a lot of higher-end Cal chard is pretty lame.

        1. re: carswell

          word to that. (keeping it short today--no coffee yet.)

          1. re: carswell

            Agreed, carswell -- besides, given the methodology of the tasting, the results are clearly possible, and not all that surprising . . . for several reasons.

        2. Are the Crane Lake wines just 2 Buck Chuck with a different label?

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          1. The Laube blog on is a very interesting read on this subject.

            1. "The wine used for judging was selected by the Bronco Wine Co. and submitted to the competition."