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Jun 28, 2007 10:38 AM

Osso bucco in Monmouth or Ocean Cty

My SO really like osso bucco - I would like to surprise and take her to a place that serves this dish - I don't know anything about!
Where should I go in either Monmouth or Ocean County?

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  1. Gaetanos in Red Bank. I stopped going to Gaetanos years ago, after one too many disappointments like slimy salad greens and less than fresh seafood. But I always loved the meat entrees including osso bucco and beef braciola. They are BYOB, although they have a special arrangement to see a NJ wine. You can bring your own wine.
    I haven't been there in years. Perhaps someone else has recent experience?

    Beef Braciola

    1. Hi, Our favorite Ossobuco is in Ship Bottom at LaSpiaggia.
      Usually served with saffron risotto.
      Always topnotch.

      If you get a chance, give it a try.
      I have sampled many through the years and theirs is #1.
      See you.

      1. Lubrano'sTrattoria on Hwy 34 in Wall makes a good osso bucco, not sure if it is a special or on the regular menu. The place has bad acoustics, I have been there on a Saturday and found it hard to hear anyone at my table. Other than that, all the food there is good, especially the dipping sauce. It is THE best.

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