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Jun 28, 2007 10:27 AM

Where's Gideon (N. Adams, Mass)?

I just tried to call Giedon's restaurant and the phone has been disconnected!! I enjoyed dinner there last summer and was looking forward to getting there while passing through the area again this weekend. So anyone know what has happened to this lovely place? And hoping that it is not something unhappy, I would love suggestions for early Sunday dinner following Williamstown theatre Williamstown and/or N. Adams or nearby.

Thanks so much,

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  1. Gideon's closed down. I like the Gramercy Bistro in North Adams. Especially the sweetbreads. I never ate at Gideon's, so can't compare the two, but here's Gramercy's website:

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      Big-time seconds on The Gramercy, good, good food and gratious people and atmoshere. I would also heartily endorse Chef Omar Montoya's Cafe Latino at Mass Moca.

      Here's my original post on Gideon's;

      Here, also, is a still very viable OP by Professor Chow for the Northern Berkshires;

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        Too bad about Gideon's. We did have several lovely dinners there. On to the Gramercy Bistro - always up for new experiences especially when I cannot revisit ones I've enjoyed in the past.