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Jun 28, 2007 10:17 AM

best papusa in sf

I recently discovered this El Salvadorean dish. Any recommendations?

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    Balompie seems to get many votes, although I haven't been. El Zocalo is also highly recommended, but my favorite is La Santaneca on Mission St, south of Cortland in SF.

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    1. re: Mari

      I really like El Zocalo. They've got great food all around, beyond the pupusas.

      1. re: shiromaguro

        I'll second El Zocalo, although I must admit I haven't tried a lot of other places. You'll eat like a king here and it won't cost you much. It's in the outer mission around 28th? on mission st. I think they're open late, maybe as late as 2am. Good solid place.

    2. Balompie's are very good. I favor El Patio's, in the outer mission next to the church.

      1. You're looking for pupusas. A search of the CH board with the correct spelling should tun up lot of tips.

        1. Has anyone tried the relatively new Our Place 525 7th St (between Brannan St & Bryant St).

          It is run by a Salvadoran couple and gets pretty high marks on Yelp (though I've been burnt one time too often by recs there)

          Anyway, I was checking the location of the soul food joint across the street from the back entrance of Our Place. It looks really neat and modern. There's a ... gasp ... parking area in back at that area. Looking in the door from my car, it seems they also sell burgers ... the ortega burger stuck in my mind.

          So, anyone tried the pupusas here?

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          1. re: rworange

            I've been there a few times and really enjoyed their pupusas. I'm not an expert on them, so I don't know how they will compare, but I thought they were extremely tasty. It is an odd little restaurant with an eccletic menu. My dining companions enjoyed their various omelets and scrambles.

          2. Definitely the Pupuseria on Persia Street in the Excelsior ... it's just a little hole in the wall (I always take out), but their pupusas are the best!