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best papusa in sf

I recently discovered this El Salvadorean dish. Any recommendations?

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  1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/33222...

    Balompie seems to get many votes, although I haven't been. El Zocalo is also highly recommended, but my favorite is La Santaneca on Mission St, south of Cortland in SF.

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      I really like El Zocalo. They've got great food all around, beyond the pupusas.

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        I'll second El Zocalo, although I must admit I haven't tried a lot of other places. You'll eat like a king here and it won't cost you much. It's in the outer mission around 28th? on mission st. I think they're open late, maybe as late as 2am. Good solid place.

    2. Balompie's are very good. I favor El Patio's, in the outer mission next to the church.

      1. You're looking for pupusas. A search of the CH board with the correct spelling should tun up lot of tips.

        1. Has anyone tried the relatively new Our Place 525 7th St (between Brannan St & Bryant St).

          It is run by a Salvadoran couple and gets pretty high marks on Yelp (though I've been burnt one time too often by recs there)

          Anyway, I was checking the location of the soul food joint across the street from the back entrance of Our Place. It looks really neat and modern. There's a ... gasp ... parking area in back at that area. Looking in the door from my car, it seems they also sell burgers ... the ortega burger stuck in my mind.

          So, anyone tried the pupusas here?

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            I've been there a few times and really enjoyed their pupusas. I'm not an expert on them, so I don't know how they will compare, but I thought they were extremely tasty. It is an odd little restaurant with an eccletic menu. My dining companions enjoyed their various omelets and scrambles.

          2. Definitely the Pupuseria on Persia Street in the Excelsior ... it's just a little hole in the wall (I always take out), but their pupusas are the best!

            1. How much does the question of rice flour vs corn flour vs mix masa come into play? Preferences?

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                Hmmm, I didn't know there were two types of corn pupusas. How would you tell the difference?

                I guess I prefer corn, but I like the crispiness of rice flour. However, usually the rice flour are difficult to cut. The big thing with any pupusa is getting one has hot as possible ... if you could eat it directly from the grill, it would be perfect.

                I haven't been there for a while but I liked Rincon Latino quite a lot.

              2. My favorite pupusa fix used to be the place at 16th & Valencia, next to SkyBar (can't remember name.) but now it's the place inside the El Perol courtyard, which is located on Mission between 21st & 22nd. El Perol is a peruvian place, but as you enter the mini-mall courtyard, you'll first pass by a Salvadoren place, called, i think, Antojitos (which means little cravings). They have the bets pupusas i've had, bar none. The peruvian place is awesome too. (there's also a vietnamese place, which i haven't yet tried, and a produce market, flower shop, little grocery store. - it's a great little place!)

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                  ok, i just saw the places i'm talking about last night. the place at 16th & Valencia is Panchitos, and my new favorite place is in the Mission Street Food Mall between 21st & 22nd. again, it's called Antojitos Salvadorenos or something like that. check it out! the best are the cheese & loroco.

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                    That would be Panchita's #2 (not Panchita's #3, which also has excellent pupusas, but in a much more upscale environment). There's a Antojitos Salvadorenos listed in the 2500 block of Mission -- would that be it?

                    Rworange is modestly not mentioning her heroic pupusa survey from a couple of years back -- can't find all the posts now, but they're worth looking for.

                    There was a really interesting item concerning El Salvador in Salon.com today, talking about the fact that one-sixth (!) of the population of El Salvador fled durning the war there in the '80s and the effects of that out-migration. I was thinking that one effect was the transition of the Mission from a primarily Mexican neighborhood to one that's much more pan-Central American, as demonstrated by the number of pupuserias. I've noticed an increase in pupusas in Fruitvale in the last couple of years, too, possibly a product of the fact that Fruitvale took in many "refugees" from the gentrification of the Mission in the '90s.

                    Panchita's Restaurant No 2
                    3091 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

                    Antojitos Salvadorenos Aminta
                    2578 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      Yes you are right about Panchitas, but i'm not sure about Antojitos, because it is in the same mini-mail food court as El Perol, whose address is 2590 Mission St. (unless they each have a different address inside the mall, which would make sense.)

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                        fyi - yes, Ruth was right. Antojitos Salvadorenos Aminta is in the Mission Market Food Court. my new fave spot for pupusas.

                2. and actually, i have to disagree with El Zocalo for pupusas . . . just my humble opinion, but i've had lots of pupusas . . .

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                    Haven't had the pupusas at El Zocalo, but did stop in once for an horchata to-go. One of the foulest things I've put in my mouth, tasted like the inside of a mildewed refrigerator.

                  2. Usultan has great pupusas. They are on 24th street near Harrison in the Mission.

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                      It's Usulutan, isn't it? It's the name of a town in El Salvador.