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Jun 28, 2007 10:03 AM

latest on Plouf for lunch (Fri.)?

Looking for a fun sort of romantic lunch spot downtown, possibly with an option to dine al fresco (tomorrow/Fri. 6/29). I heard about Plouf, but just read some not-so-great older listings about Plouf being loud, crowded, overpriced. Can anyone recommend it as a good lunch spot? If not, how about something between there and the Embarcadero for good meat and seafood (even if not al fresco)? Thanks so much in advance, SF foodies!

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  1. If it's a warm, sunny day and you sit outside, Belden is the nicest place for lunch downtown.

    Plouf's not usually loud until later in the evening. Moules-frites are the thing to order and cost about the same as anyplace. Some of their other dishes can be startlingly expensive.