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ISO Fresh Figs

Now I am in search of fresh figs, my local produce monger is currently out and doesn't know when he'll get some in. Has anyone seen fresh figs near the Hollywood/West Hollywood area? I just don't have time to search high and low as party preparations are driving me insane! Thanks for the help.

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  1. Don't know if you have a Jon's Market near you, but they have them at the Jon's out here in the Valley.

    1. Aren't figs an autumn fruit? My parents' tree in Oceanside doesn't seem to bear fruit until September and October.

      1. figs are a funny fruit: they bear in two seasons. there's a small early crop on last year's branches and then a late summer crop on new growth. the first crop is being harvested right now, but i haven't seen many. one of hte few is Dates by Davall at the Santa Monica wednesday market. he has brown turkeys, which are a workhorse fig but better than no fig at all.

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          I've seen fresh figs at Whole Choice (Irvine) this week.

          So FED's right. They are around. Based on that I'd probably advise you to look at local markets that cater to a Persian / Turkish / Armenian clientele.

        2. had some fabulously sweet ones at the westwood farmers market 2 weeks ago...and you're in luck, that particular market is open on thursdays...you might want to swing by there this afternoon.

          also, i don't know what type of party you're prepping for, but if you need a dessert idea, there's another vendor there called 'chunkomunko' cheesecakes, and other hounds seem to love their stuff...


          i've never tried them, but their mini cheesecakes might be convenient for individual dessert servings.

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            Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm doing the chocolate fountain. Will keep the cheesecakes for another time though

          2. I saw fresh figs two days ago at Whole Foods, Thousand Oaks.

            1. So as it turns out my friend's mother has a fig tree in her yard and it's laden with fruit! Yeah! Thanks for all the help! You guys are the best!

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                    Yes, this is California, someone's bound to have 'em in their backyard.

                    "You think they grow on trees?" Well yes they do!

                  2. Figs just made their appearence at TJs...


                    1. You can get Mission figs at the Irvine farmers' market, so I assume they must be available at the massive Hollywood Sunday market.

                      1. seen them but nothing tasty yet

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                          Really? The ones I bought (and I'm sorry, I don't remember the stand's name -- they're in the third row of the Irvine FM as you approach from the Indian restaurant) were fantastic, especially for the breba crop.

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                            the ones i sampled at the westwood farmers market were fabulous as well.

                        2. Elat Market on Pico between La Cienega and Robertson had beautiful figs this weekend, I'm sure they're still stocking them.

                          1. Good lord, I have been looking EVERYWHERE for fresh figs. Seriously, Jon's? In the Valley? That sounds so damn unlikely that I think I'll go hit one up anyway.

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                              Yes, the Jon's at Sherman Way/Etiwanda had them last week.

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                                The Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks on Riverside Drive at Coldwater canyon had plenty of them today, and has had them for about a month now. Not every day, yet most.
                                Bristol Farms had them in Weho about a week ago as well.

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                                  OK, bizarre enough, I went to Costco with a friend today, and lo and behold - huge flats of fresh figs! So I had to buy a pack - not the best flavor, not as sweet and juicy and fragrant as those that you'd find elsewhere (say, even a Jons) but what the heck. It's holding me over since I can't devote my life to looking for them.

                                  I actually looked for the figs at that Whole Foods two days ago and they didn't have them!!! Off day, I suppose. Probably didn't help I went at 9:30 at night, but thanks for the heads up. They are probably about 100x better than the ones in my kitchen!

                              2. Wild Oats had them last year (Long Beach), have not been there in awhile.

                                1. Lots of people are making this way too hard. I GUARANTEE there are fresh Mission and Adriatic (white) figs available next SUNDAY at the Hollywood farmers' street market. Open 8:30 am. On Selma near Hollywood and Vine. Multiple vendors for the Mission figs, one vendor has the white figs.

                                  Last night's dessert - mission figs + cheeses from La Brea Bakery + walnuts + white wine.

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                                    Concur. Most going for $4/pack of maybe 5 (akin to those small strawberry basket sizes)

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                                      $3-$4 per basket, though there were 8 in my basket.

                                  2. I bought fresh figs at Trader Joe's on Saturday.

                                    1. Not your area, but Joe at the Pasadena HS FM (Saturdays) and the Alhambra FM (Sundays) has them. It is just the beginning of the season - did not taste them, though.

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                                        Fresh figs at Trader Joes when I was there on Sunday. Also, Compartes in Brentwood does figs that are stuffed with apricots and almonds, they taste even better than fresh figs, great on a hot summer day. I also saw the figs at Costco but they didnt look that great to me, so I didn't pick em up. Isn't there a free fruit map of Los Angeles or something like that? You can try googling that and seeing if you can find anything. Enjoy!

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                                          Like someone else said, we sort of late for the early season Turkey figs and I noticed my neighbor's Mission fig is not having the best season (I think it was too dry this winter). So free fruit might not be a worthwhile pursuit. I have seen the Mission figs around in the stores.

                                      2. If you are still looking, I just saw a bunch of big, juicy figs at Jordan Market in Westwood over the weekend. They looked great.

                                        Jordan Market
                                        1449 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024