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Victoria Afternoon Tea [Moved from Canada board]

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We're spending a few days in Victoria in mid-July. My Mom will be traveling to Canada for the first time and I want her to experience a wonderful afternoon tea. What would you recommend for a great experience, including yummy food? Thanks.

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  1. Hi Chapala:

    The Empress is overpriced, overhyped, and touristy, but it is an exceptional setting for a high tea and is what many people come to Victoria to experience.

    For an off-the-beaten track yet more authentic English tea service experience, try the White Heather Tea Room on Oak Bay Avenue in Oak Bay. I don't know a lot about tea (despite having lived my whole life in Victoria), but folks in the know tell me that White Heather does it right.

    Here is a link to some locals' reviews of the White Heather...


    1. There is some discussion of tea in Victoria in this thread:


      Enjoy your trip to Victoria; it's a beautiful city.