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Jun 28, 2007 09:47 AM

Looking for Killer BBQ or Burgers in SoHo

By BBQ I mean *real* barbecue, not the grilled kind. I love RUB and Hill Country, but those are too far north for my needs this time around. Second choice would be a killer burger that's among the best in the city. Any advice for an out-of-towner?

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  1. the burger at the Nancy Whiskey just south of Canal is supposed to be very good. never had it though. go over to the corner bistro at 8th ave and jane - only a short ride on the ACE line.

    oh, actually Lure Fishbar is on my burger list to try. right in Soho. supposedly one of the city's best underrated burgers.

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      best burger in soho is at blue ribbon on sullivan (although not as good as the one at the spotted pig in the west village).
      also good are the bison burger at fenelli's on prince and the burger at soho park at spring and lafayette.
      as far as i know, there are no bbq places in soho.

    2. Hi. I like Fanelli's Burgers.
      94 Prince St
      New York, NY

      1. SOHO Park makes a great burger and is a fun outdoor-like plac.e

        1. closest bbq to soho i can think of is dallas jones bbq. it's a tiny hole in the wall in west village but right on the edge of soho. though it's not as good as rub and hill country, it's pretty solid. it's on bedford just west of 6th ave.

          burgers...fanelli's is a good call. a couple of really good pub burgers (actually also close to dallas jones) can be had at mr. dennehy's and daddy-o.

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