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Jun 28, 2007 09:41 AM

"Gourmet" Items In Northern MoCo????

Help! It's a long story, but I need to find
a) Monin flavored syrups (Will settle for Torani...if I have to)
b) A cream whipper (and NO2 chargers)

I'm in northern MoCo (Germantown area) and I'm trying to accomplish this without having to drive as far south as either Sur La Table (for the whipper) or spend quite as much money as I would have to at rip-off Williams-Sonoma...

any ideas?


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  1. Maybe the Rodmans in White Flint Plaza for flavored syrups

    1. I would bet that bed, bath, and beyond (on rockville pike) has a cream whipper, but I'd call to make sure first.

      1. World Market in Milestone might have the syrups and possibly even the cream whipper.

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        1. re: small fry

          Just an update:
          - BBB does not carry cream whippers, nor does World Market.
          World Market does carry syrups, but they're Torani and their selection is mostly Sugar-Free (yeeeech).
          - Haven't tried Rodmans for the syrups yet.
          - Le Gourmet Chef way the heck over in Columbia does have a whipper (though it's not stainless :( ) but they don't carry the chargers because junkies keep rippin' em off. So I ended up having to drive from Columbia down to White Flint to go to Williams-Sonoma for the chargers. *sigh*

          Thanks for all suggestions so far.

        2. Harris Teeter for the syrups? My local Safeway has Torani syrups, so maybe yours does too.