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Best casual/takeout near Burlingame?

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I have 10 days of housesitting duty located near Bgame /Hillsborough.
Since I am solo I am looking for casual lunch or takeout, almost any cuisine. Not interested in American diner style comfort food. Indian, Korean, Thai? I am not far from Lunardi's, how is the A+ takeout place in that little mall? Thanks.

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  1. Try Narin just off Burlingame Ave for great Thai take out. Ask Martin, the chef, what is special of the day

    1. Here's some spots in the Burlingame Ave area:
      - There's a place called something like Mediterranean Wraps on Burlingame Ave that makes a great salad on the order of a Greek salad and their lavosh wraps are very good, too. Definitely more Middle Eastern than the name would imply.
      -Around the corner from Sephora on Lorton there's a tiny new tea place that also does "snacks" of which you could make a meal, I think Taiwanese? There've been reports here, perhaps someone will recall the name and more details, it's on my list of places to try.
      -House of Bagels, at 260 Lorton, makes the best bagels in this area (which isn't saying much if you hail from New York).
      - Piazza, 321 Primrose: Any recent experiences? It was a great little Italian cafe a few years ago but my last sandwich there was underwhelming and I didn't see any of the older Italian women who ran the place when it was one of my favorites.

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        Sadly, I must withdraw my vote for Mediterranean Wraps. I've been there twice very recenlty and the food has been bland on both visits. I had some really great casual lunch food from them when they first opened, especially the greek salad, donor kebab wrap and vegetarian wrap with falafel, but it seems the food has been dumbed down recently.

      2. Ramen Club on California near the train station is very good and reasonably priced..

        1. There's a sandwich place called Little Lucas next to Lunardi's on El Camino. Huge sandwiches, quite good. If I remember right, they put pesto on everything.

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            Hmm, haven't seen that. Is it in the same center? Might be gone.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I will report back! keep them coming.

            Lunardis is just fantastic, wish I had something like that where I live.

            1. Pancho Villa in Downtown San Mateo is pretty good.

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                Thanks for that one, I enjoyed Pancho Villa. What's up with all the restaurants that are closed between 3 and 5, anyways.

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                  Siesta? If I ran my own restaurant, I would definitely close up during those hours and take a nice nap.

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                    Just to add to the debate/choices...I prefer Le Cumbre just down the street.

                2. Bonne Sante for amazing burgers and sandwiches
                  Here's my review:
                  Best Burgers at Bonne Sante on Broadway in Burlingame: Bountiful Bovine at a Bargain

                  Always wanted to try the take home and bake pizza place on El Camino Real on the Burlingame/Millbrae border (if it's still there


                  La Petite Camille (Vietnamese) in Millbrae for lemongrass stringbeans

                  Alana's Cafe for great breakfast.
                  Here's my review:
                  Alana’s Café in Burlingame: Lovely Fruit on Pancakes a Go-Go

                  Thai Satay in Downtown San Mateo.
                  Here's my review:
                  Thai Satay in San Mateo – Great Curries and Egg Rolls But Don’t Get Busted by the F.B.I.!
                  New: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                  Windy City Pizza in San Mateo

                  Amici's in Downtown San Mateo

                  El Pollo Supremo just south of Downtown San Mateo

                  1. If you're looking for something easy in Burl., there's Crepevine (hearty filled crepes, salads, and burgers) on Burlingame Ave. And Ramen Club is a great place to get a variety of Japanese food from poke to ramen to sushi to teriyaki. And it's all very good. Both options are reasonably priced and offer food to go.

                    1. I was on Burlingame Ave yesterday. Unfortunately my afternoon timing was not so good for Narin, but it looks to be worth a return visit. The tea place is closed for vacation! Disappointing bialy at the bagel place, stale but my fault for buying one at 3pm. I am impressed that they actually have bialy's, though. I tried the newish Taco place, which follows the Chipotle formula. Had the cevice tostada which I won't remember in a week. On the way back I stopped at Five As Chinese in the Lunardis center. That looks to be a worth a return visit to order something appropriate. I had a craving for Thai, which I ordered, but I can't say that either dish tasted Thai, but more like a Chinese version of, which is fair enough. The eggplant dish was good but the less said about the papaya salad the better. Next door is a Chinese bakery which has some nice cakes. I got some sesame tile cookies, nice and not too sweet, and the black sesame loaf, also good.

                      A new Indian restaurant with lunch buffet opening soon on Burlingame Ave, but no date was posted. Too bad for me! Any recommendations for Indian Lunch buffet. It doesn't have to be in Burlingame, just not too far.

                      Anyone familiar with Five As and can recommend something to order?

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                        I lived in Millbrae for two years and one of the worst things about living there was the dearth of good Indian food and Indian food at all. Things may have changed since we moved, but our favorite place while there was Nawab in Downtown San Mateo. However, their buffet is one of the worst I've ever been to. We ate entrees off the menu often, and while it was originally good the food deteriorated over time. You might look into Foster City which has a large Indian community. Just be sure to avoid Shimla.

                        The one really good place in the area is Annapoorna in San Mateo (El Camino and 25th or so). They are South Indian - great dosas and aloo bonda. They have a lunch buffet but I've never tried it.

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                          There are two Indian bistro-type places near Burlingame Ave, Roti, and the other one is called Spices, maybe? It's above Primrose on the way to the Wells Fargo ATM. I wasn't able to check out menus, anyone know anything about these two places?

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                            Oh yes, I forgot about Roti. Chowhounds seem to like it. I'm one of the only voices of dissent, but it's a mild dissent and I still enjoy eating here.

                            I'm really torn by this place. On the one hand, the proprietor is super nice, the decor is a step above every other Indian restaurant, and the dishes sound wonderful and innovative. On the other hand, the food is actually just OK. The chicken tikka masala in particular is a disappointment. The Roti bread basket is a winner though.

                            A year and a half ago I thought Nawab was better than Roti. Now I think Roti might be better.

                          2. re: katya

                            San Mateo is close enough, thanks.

                        2. In the Lunardi's center are also 5 A's Cafe for good rice plates and Shanghai dumplings, lamb dumplings, leek dumplings and specialties like lion's head and knife cut noodles -- be aware that you have to ask for these because they're not on the regular menu. If you persist, these are actually the better dishes at this place. Also in that center is Little Lucca, a sandwich place that lots of folks like a lot. I find their sandwiches to be more quantity than quality. They are huge, but the meats in the sandwiches from Lunardi's are much better quality.

                          Also, just north of the Lunardi's center on El Camino and on Broadway in Millbrae are some wonderful restaurants that fit your requirements. There's Cheung Hing for excellent Chinese bbq -- char siu, duck, soy sauce chicken, rice plates -- excellent value. On Broadway, just parallel to El Camino is Shanghai Dumpling Shop, a fabulous place that serves wonderful dumplings, dried bean curd "noodle" dishes, braised lion's head meatballs, and other Shanghai specialties. I really like this place. Also on Broadway, just a few doors down is Dean's Produce, a very good Middle Eastern produce store that also carries some really excellent Middle Eastern breads. I love the sesame covered round puffy breads that look like giant bagels. They also have Armenian flat breads, pita bread (both whole wheat and white) and lots of pastries. And they have really good cheeses in the back refrigerator area. Plus, their produce is quite nice and reasonably priced.

                          Cheung Hing Restaurant
                          245 El Camino Real
                          Millbrae, CA 94030
                          (650) 652-3938

                          Five A's Cafe
                          1851 El Camino Real
                          Burlingame, CA 94010
                          (650) 697-4588

                          Shanghai Dumpling Shop
                          455 Broadway
                          Millbrae, CA 94030
                          (650) 697-0682

                          Dean's Produce
                          451 Broadway
                          Millbrae, CA 94030
                          (650) 692-1042

                          Little Lucca
                          1809 El Camino Real @ Burlingame Shopping Plaza
                          Burlingame, CA 94010
                          Tel: 650-697-8389

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                            Hi, thanks for the specific suggestions at Five As and Cheung Hing. I liked the one stir fried dish that I ordered so would go back. I tried to find Little Luca but now that I have an address I may be successful.

                          2. Suriki Super (on 4th Ave, San Mateo) has some great bento boxes and sushi at very reasonble prices. The Japanese Takeout right next door to it is great, too.

                            There are quite a few really good Japanese food places around that area.