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Jun 28, 2007 09:29 AM

Best casual/takeout near Burlingame?

I have 10 days of housesitting duty located near Bgame /Hillsborough.
Since I am solo I am looking for casual lunch or takeout, almost any cuisine. Not interested in American diner style comfort food. Indian, Korean, Thai? I am not far from Lunardi's, how is the A+ takeout place in that little mall? Thanks.

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  1. Try Narin just off Burlingame Ave for great Thai take out. Ask Martin, the chef, what is special of the day

    1. Here's some spots in the Burlingame Ave area:
      - There's a place called something like Mediterranean Wraps on Burlingame Ave that makes a great salad on the order of a Greek salad and their lavosh wraps are very good, too. Definitely more Middle Eastern than the name would imply.
      -Around the corner from Sephora on Lorton there's a tiny new tea place that also does "snacks" of which you could make a meal, I think Taiwanese? There've been reports here, perhaps someone will recall the name and more details, it's on my list of places to try.
      -House of Bagels, at 260 Lorton, makes the best bagels in this area (which isn't saying much if you hail from New York).
      - Piazza, 321 Primrose: Any recent experiences? It was a great little Italian cafe a few years ago but my last sandwich there was underwhelming and I didn't see any of the older Italian women who ran the place when it was one of my favorites.

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        Sadly, I must withdraw my vote for Mediterranean Wraps. I've been there twice very recenlty and the food has been bland on both visits. I had some really great casual lunch food from them when they first opened, especially the greek salad, donor kebab wrap and vegetarian wrap with falafel, but it seems the food has been dumbed down recently.

      2. Ramen Club on California near the train station is very good and reasonably priced..

        1. There's a sandwich place called Little Lucas next to Lunardi's on El Camino. Huge sandwiches, quite good. If I remember right, they put pesto on everything.

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            Hmm, haven't seen that. Is it in the same center? Might be gone.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I will report back! keep them coming.

            Lunardis is just fantastic, wish I had something like that where I live.