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Jun 28, 2007 09:03 AM

Sierra Madre Dinner

I searched the board for recent posts about this area but didn't come up with much at all.
What are some great places for dinner in the area? Money isn't an issue... if its cheap FINE, if its expensive, FINE. I just need good food.
I am coming in from the westside so, would love to try something that we don't find much of around here.

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  1. There are several resturants in downtown Sierra Madre. I living there, have eaten in all of them except Mountain View Sushi, while none are really awful, none in my opinion are very stellar either. I would stay away from Lozano's for sure, service is always awful, food inconsistent, never great, I ordered a grey goose martini there once it tasted like gin, my rare steak came out well done and the owner (also the only waitress in the place, she is too cheap to get a decent size staff) was appaled that I sent it back. I have been many times hoping that it would get better, never has, probably never will. The mexican place is not very good either. I like the fish and chips at Lucky Baldwin's and the Gyro at Corfu (but its not on the dinner menu). Only Place in Town has a decent breakfast, have not been to the Thai place since it changed owners. Good luck.

    1. I had a very nice dinner at Corfu, Sierra Madre's Greek restaurant. Although the service was spotty, I thought the food was quite good. DH and I split a huge Greek salad and the combo kebab plate. I'm not sure if it is called that on the menu, but it had a skewer of chicken and two of beef. That was plenty of food for both of us, with lots of leftovers to take home. I wouldn't give it ten stars, but it was quite tasty and didn't cost too much.

      1. If you consider to expand out, like to the neighborhood cities, such as Arcadia, Pasadena, or Monrovia, you can have more choices and better food. One of my favorite is Din Tai Fung Dumpling House on Baldwin in Arcadia. But the wait can be very very long after 6:30pm, especially on weekends.

        1. I've gotten pretty good Italian food at Cafe 322. The entertainment was great and free when I was there. The staff was nice. I will definitely go back.

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            I'd like a broader menu at Cafe 322 menu, and I've had several people complain about the serving sizes, but the prices are lower in concert with that.

            Casa del Rey has good spinach enchiladas except they are cold in the center half the time, but no hot salsa of any sort. Their other stuff is average. Service is flaky when they are really busy. I've overheard people say they go there because it is the only Mex place in town.

            Corfu owner of many years just sold, and they have a new (expanded, new owners are Armenian and own a clothing store called Attitude down the street, they've added quite a few new items to the menu). I'm pretty certain the cook changed, because when I went back to try it recently, I got the moussaka and it was gross and very orange-greasy from the ground beef fat, and there was almost no eggplant, which was undercooked. We tried several things on the menu on that visit, none of them seemed like they did before. We did not even take our leftovers. But >> maybe they are just working out the kinks in the "transition". I used to like the very rich Roquefort chicken breast too with the oven roasted potatoes, maybe I'll try that next time. And the above mentioned gyros.
            (Not that it was great before, there were a few things on the menu that were pretty good.)

            I have not been to Lozano's but I've heard some stories . . .

            Only Place in Town is nothing to drive for, but is okay for most things. I like their Angus burgers okay. Their chicken pot pie is nice and junky, but has no vegetables, and a section of puff pastry for the "pie".

            I've been to the original Lucky Baldwin but not the SM one, I wondered if the menu is the same and the food the same.

            The "new" Thai place seems like the same cook they had before. Not bad, not great. She forgets how the menu reads, so sometimes the list of ingredients you get won't match the entree description. (I go in the evening, they may have other cooks.)

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              When did Corfu change hands? I thought that the owners daughter (Corfu) was married to the guy who runs attitude as she is there sometimes also? Have not been there for several months, buit the last time I was there for breakfast I did notice a few new faces.....

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                I don't know the official date, the owner had to come back during escrow for 4 extra weeks (she got married a year or more ago, and after years of being there 3 meals a day, like 362 days a year was happy to retire). If she is related by marriage to the new owners, she never mentioned it. She does have a daughter in her mid 20s, so maybe you are correct. But there is a new menu which retains most of the old menu and adds a lot of Armenian dishes. And instead of the bread she used to provide, the new bread is pita. I've only been there one time since she left though, so my experience with the new situation is limited to a few dishes.

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                  Oh that bread was so good toasted with breakfast!!!!! Bummer. I suppose I will give it a try, maybe the breakfast potatos have changed. I didn't like the greek potatos for breakfast with eggs.

          2. i wouldn't suggest cafe 322. we had the worst wait for our food the first and the last time we went there. after our cheese plate which was pretty good (but who can mess up a cheese plate?) we waited nearly 50 minutes for our food. we tried to walk out and pay for what we ate about two times but the elusive waitperson (who was elusive only when we were sitting there) would miraculously show up and insist our food was coming right up. then when it showed up it was as though they had taken a can of clams and dumped on top of over cooked pasta. not very good food. i'd take it to lucky baldwins, have seat outside and order a fish and chips.