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Jun 28, 2007 08:27 AM

Queen Anne Farmers Market Opens Today (6/28)

Hard to miss the signs, but just a reminder - the QA farmers Market opens today 3 to 7 at McClure Middle School on the top of the hill... Looking forward to seeing whats there-

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I'll be there.

    1. Well done, good green grocers, one cheese maker, some great looking fish......nice buzz, "comfortably crowded...enough folks to feel alive, but not over crowded...I overheard a lot of "will you be here next week ?" to the vendors - I think many shoppers didn't know what to expect and will be ready next time.

      All in all I think this is going to work real well !

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      1. re: tilt

        The fish was great, got the halibut and the salmon, and loved the fact that it was fresh and not frozen. The guy said it was caught the day before, no knowing if that was true...but it tasted as if it were true.

        1. re: browqueen

          Oh, definitely is true. Wilson's is a great vendor. They don't sell fish caught more than 2 days ago (

      2. I would have liked to see more bakeries. I came for two things: bread and fresh eggs, so I ended up not buying anything. I get Pioneer Organics delivery so although the produce looked great (especially the guy who had squash blossoms), I didn't buy any. There might have been eggs earlier, but I didn't go until after I got home from work at 6. Nice vibe though, with neighbors getting out being together, and a jazz band over to the side. Hopefully the QA market will pick up steam as we get further into summer.

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        1. re: dandelion

          There will be eggs, meat, bread and more coming as the market expands to about 30 booths by summer's end, according to market master Judy Kirkhoff, who also manages the Ballard, Fremont and Wallingford markets. Opening day was a HUGE success in terms of numbers, with some vendors selling out before 7 pm.

          We brought home some beautiful broccoli spighiella that was just the right amount of bitter and crisp in a quick braise, some fresh savory goat cheese that was heaven on toast, and some perfectly ripe raspberries and rainer cherries.

          Can hardly wait til next Thursday!

          1. re: HORNAPLENTY

            As Hornaplenty says, there will be a greater variety of vendors as the summer progresses, especially if the market continues to do as well as it did on Thursday.

            dandelion, if there's a particular bakery that sells at other markets that you'd like to see at the Queen Anne market, why not mention it to the baker? I go to the Ballard market most Sundays, and I told my favorite vendors that I hoped they'd be at the Queen Anne market, too. Several of them were there yesterday, and I bought something from each of them. If they do well, they'll tell other farmers/ producers that it would be worth the time and effort to add Queen Anne to their already busy schedules.

            For dinner tonight we had grilled halibut with fresh apricot chutney, sweet English peas with spring onions, and roasted purple cauliflower -- all purchased at the market. I'm looking forward to next Thursday!

        2. Went the 2nd Thursday with the fam damily and was impressed with the lettuce, squash, berry, bread, and fish selections. Some major missing items included tomato, better cheese (only 2 producers with primarily cheddar selections only or a flavored goat cheese), shellfish, and the forager. Will definitely be a regular...