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Jun 28, 2007 07:58 AM

Driving on the I276 and I76

Hello all, I will be driving towards Columbus, OH and will be on I276 and I76 most of the time in PA. Can anybody give me recommendations for restaurants off the road? It's going to be a LONG drive and we want to have something to look forward to during the drive.

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  1. There is so much along the way - Philadelphia, Manayunk, the Main Line, King of Prussia - lots of choose from!

    1. where are you starting - Jersey? You will have only gone an hour to hit the places Saturninus mentions. We drove to Erie last summer, and from what I saw the 276/76 corridor across PA seemed to be a wasteland. I believe we were stuck with fast food both ways. :(

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        yes, i will be starting at jersey around 6 am and hope to get to the end of PA by lunchtime. in my wildest dreams! :). hopefully, we will be by the border of PA and OH by then. thanks for the warning!

      2. If you are traveling to Columbus, you will probably get off the PA Turnpike at New Stanton for I-70 West. In New Stanton is La Tavola, 400 S. Center Ave. Definitely worth getting off the turnpike to eat there. There are also a couple of places in Bedford, too, that we like -- Jean Bonnet Tavern and the Arena (at the Quality Inn) but you may be passing there too early for lunch.

        1. In Somerset, right off the exit is a tasty diner (with the novel name The Somerset Diner). There are a multitude of posts on it. The Turnpike is pretty much a wasteland, but there are a couple spots with decent road food. Somerset is pretty much the middle of the state, so it might be a good spot for lunch.

          1. Thanks again everybody!