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Jun 28, 2007 07:52 AM

Take Home Chef on TLC

Does anyone else watch this show? I really liked it at first but it seems to me that the same type of recipes are shown on each show. I still like to watch and wish they would travel more around the country as well, they are always in Cali.

The chef seems very good and the food is usually impressive but I wonder how real the surprises are for the people in the show, hope Im not being naive in believing it. The nasal voice is tough sometimes too but Im still a pretty faithful viewer.

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  1. i like this show, more for entertainment than actual cooking tips & ideas.

    i don't think the women he picks up at the market are surprised. my guess is they are approached by show staffers beforehand to solicit interest, but probably aren't told the exact nature of the show. if not, they have an incredible run of good luck in finding people who have clean, uncluttered kitchens and cars.

    i noticed the similarity in recipes, too. then i realized, he's going into situations where he (supposedly) doesn't know what he'll be working with. i actually think he does a pretty impressive job of creating a menu with the kitchen as an unknown. also, the time frame impacts the menu. some shows he has several hours to cook, and he tends to get a little more creative. but on others, he'll have just an hour or so before the guest arrives, and he tends to stick to a repertoire of quick, simple dishes.

    the food usually looks pretty good; i'm not sure of his baking skills, but i like that he'll tackle cakes & such. i also like that he often pushes people to open up and try new things. he doesn't get too out there, but does seem to enjoy throwing in an uncommon ingredient, or trying a different kind of fish, etc.

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    1. re: mark

      and good luck in picking people who are always cooking for a significant other at 5 that night :)

      unless there is a lot of trial and error.

      1. re: yankeefan

        Agreed... this has got to be the most contrived reality/cooking show I've ever seen. The shoppers (always female, and always looking for something to cook THAT night - yeah, right) have got to be somehow chosen in advance, and then involved in the whole setup in the store. Surely the producers check out the kitchen beforehand for lighting, usability, etc. - I'm sure they've even got crew to clean and "stage" it (and the rest of the house too). I don't know how the shoppers are chosen beforehand, but the whole thing is so staged it makes me cringe. Even more than the sight of Curtis himself.

    2. I usually watch this show for entertainment only. You can't really learn anything while Take Home Chef is flirting it up with the (always) very attractive women he picks up at the market. The show does however make me dress up a little bit more when I got to Whole Foods. (Just in case...)

      1. I love this show - and not just because how cute Curtis Stone is!

        I've seen a good variety of entrees since I've been watching - several that I'd like to recreate at home.

        I've read somewhere that the people he picks are approached before the market to be on the show, but that the surpise for the spouse, significant other/friends, etc. is real.

        Poor guy can't help his nasally voice - he probably has a deviated septum!

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        1. re: Jeanne

          Someone told me that the producers approach several people in the store (yes, always women) who agree to be on TV - I don't know if they know the nature of the show, although they must somewhat - Anyways... if they agree they tie some kind of ribbon around their cart and Curtis knows which people are "safe" to approach.

        2. If you do a search, a previous thread had a poster who actually appeared on the show. She gave a brief description of how she was recruited and how it was set up. Very nice of her to chime in.